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  • Light the torches to lower the spikes.
  • If you're playing the Steam version or you've got the Premium Pack, the Zombie Hydra will be lurking at the northern end of the tomb, right beside Mike. You'll need the Winged Boots to reach it - and when you do, be prepared for a tough fight.
    • Mike: Bring 1 Hamburger, 1 Chips, and 1 Softdrink
      • REWARD: 1 Bottled Darkness, 1 Dark Rune, and 1 Dark Matter
    • Undying Monolith: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Three Sacred Runes and two Undying Monoliths
      • Wave #2: Two Frost Wraiths, one Evil Worm, and one Evil Tail
    • Sacred Rune: Three waves.
      • Wave #1: Two Sacred Runes, two Frost Wraiths, and one Undying Monolith
      • Wave #2: Two Sacred Runes
      • Wave #3: Three Undying Monolisths and two Frost Wraiths
    • Zombie Hydra: Three Zombie Hydras (only appears in Premium Pack or Steam version; need Winged Boots to fight)
    • Secret #1 (western edge of screen): 3 Curly Horn
    • Secret #2 (eastern edge of screen): 1 Solid Spike
    • Chest #1: Frost Wraith (summon), 1 Bottled Darkness, 1 Beef
    • Chest #2: Crossbone Pin (flair), 1 Solid Spike, 3 Chain Link
    • Chest #3: Hela's Staff (staff), 3 Iron Ore, 3 Curly Horn
    • Chest #4: The Departed (bow), 2 Gunpowder, 1 Bio Virus

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