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Akron is the main antagonist and final boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. An ancient demonic deity who has lived for billions of years, he was sealed away by the ancient peoples due to his potentially world-shattering power. After being awakened by the heroes in an ill-advised investigation, he drained their energy in an attempt to regain his full power. However, due to the heroes "bond" he was incapable of fully regaining his power. The heroes eventually returned to his lair and destroyed him for good.

Akron's battle theme is "DiVINe MaDNEss".


The full details of Akron's birth are unclear, but it is known that Godcat summoned/created him when the Earth was still young, or possibly on a different planet to then send Akron to Earth and destroy humanity. He ruled the world for a time, but was eventually defeated by the most powerful warriors the ancient land could muster. Unable to destroy him, the ancient heroes bound Akron in a volcano and forced him into a deep sleep.

Ages passed, and Akron faded into legend, with his volcanic tomb becoming known only as the lair of an ancient evil. The heroic trio of Matt, Natalie, and Lance learned of this legend and set off to destroy Akron to increase their own fame. Finding their way to Akron's tomb, they came upon the chained demon, which appeared to be completely lifeless. Against Natalie's advice, Matt poked Akron with his sword, awakening the deity. Immediately, Akron began sapping the party's life energy, warping the fabric of time and space with his mere presence. The resulting rift hurled the heroes to a distant town before Akron could kill them, but the energy drain had left them without most of their previous skills. Infuriated by their weakened state, Matt, Natalie and Lance set out on a quest to regain their powers and destroy Akron once and for all.

As the party travelled back to the volcano, Akron spent his time trying to restore his own strength, causing the volcano to erupt. His evil power drove monsters across the world into a frenzy, causing chaos and destruction in once-peaceful areas. Akron's increasing strength created maelstroms and whirlpools in the ocean, preventing even the sturdiest ships from sailing - thus, the heroes had to find longer alternate routes to his lair.

As rumors of his return spread, many would-be heroes set out to defeat Akron, only to be stymied by the fierce enemies and natural obstacles in their path. A few even made it to the demonic deity, but their strength only served to empower him when he slew them in battle and absorbed their souls. The few warriors who survived Akron's power or failed to reach him in the first place would remain along the path to the volcano, offering advice and helpful items to Matt, Natalie, and Lance.

Eventually the heroes returned to the tomb, now warped into a bizarre, space-like void by Akron's power. At the center of the void, they battled Akron once more, with the demonic deity pontificating about his past and the strength of his enemies. After an epic battle, the heroes emerged victorious, destroying Akron for good.


EBF3 Foe Icon Akron
Akron Ancient Deity EBF3
Has lived for billions of years. Can change elements and attack patterns.
Stat HP Stat Attack Stat Defence Stat Magic Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade Exp AP Gold
5000 3.5 4 3.5 4 4* 4* 0 0 0
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Water Element Wind Element Earth Element Poison Element Dark Element Holy Element Bomb
Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
Status Poison Status Syphon Status Dispel Status Doom Status Berserk Status Stun Status Death
- 100% - 100% 100% 100% 100%
StatDown Attack StatDown Magic StatDown Defence StatDown Mdef StatDown Accuracy StatDown Evade
- - - - - -
Item Drop Rate
Icon - - - - - - -
Name - - - - - - -
Chance - - - - - - -

Enters the battle with 50% Stat Defence Defence and Stat Mdef Magic Defence buffs, due to the Spawn Claws ability used during intro animation.

Akron cannot be debuffed further than to -20% of a stat.

Akron's elemental affinity and resistance is determined by the color of the large gem on his body, which is randomized at the start and can be changed throughout the battle. There are 6 elemental sets available: Earth (brown), Ice (cyan), Fire (red), Holy (white), Dark (black), Thunder (yellow)

Elemental Resistance Statistics
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Water Element Wind Element Earth Element Poison Element Dark Element Holy Element Bomb
Element Fire 200% - -70% -100% -70% - - - - 200%
Element Thunder - 200% - - - -90% - - 100% -
Element Ice -100% - 200% 200% 70% -80% - - - -
Element Earth - - - - -130% 200% 200% - - -90%
Element Dark - -90% - - - 100% 100% 200% -100% -
Element Holy - - - 200% - - -70% -100% 200% -

Attacks and Abilities

Submerged Form

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Eye Laser Random 250/4 Stat Magic 100% Element Fire 7% 1x Status Berserk EBF3 140% 10% 10%
Notes: Chance to use increased by red and white orbs. For more information, see Battle Logic.
Eye Thunder All 70 Stat Magic 100% Element Thunder 10% 1x Status Stun 140% 10% 10%
Notes: Chance to use increased by yellow orbs. For more information, see Battle Logic.
Iceshard Volley Single 160 Stat Magic 100% Element Ice 100% -- Status Freeze 90% 10% 10%
Notes: Chance to use increased by cyan orbs. For more information, see Battle Logic.
Quake Spikes All 85 Stat Magic 100% Element Earth -- -- -- 150% 10% 10%
Notes: Chance to use increased by brown orbs. For more information, see Battle Logic.
Unused Heal Allies 30k -- ---- -- 3x Status Regen -- -- --
Notes: Has no usage conditions set, and therefore may not be seen during normal gameplay. For more information, see Battle Logic.
Dark Scream All 50 Stat Magic 100% Element Dark 60% -- Status Dispel 150% 10% 10%
Notes: Chance to use increased by black orbs. For more information, see Battle Logic.
Swap Element Self -- -- ---- -- 50% Stat Magic -- -- --
Notes: Swaps active elemental form to one indicated by 2nd biggest orb. Refreshes orbs' positions, picking 4th one at random. Permanently changes Accuracy to 9 and Evade to 11.
Spawn Claws Self -- -- ---- -- 50%
Stat Defence
Stat Mdef
-- -- --
Notes: (Re)spawns Rune Claws into slots 2 and 4.
Up Self -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- --
Notes: Raises itself to its second form. Also clears self from Poison (if any) and uses Spawn Worm in the same turn.

Raised Form

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Dark Eyes All 80 Stat Magic 100% Element Dark 70% 3x Status Doom 190% 10% 10%
Multi-Cannon Random 480/4 Stat Attack 100% Element Bomb -- -- -- 110% 20% 10%
Dark Beam All 130 Stat Magic 100% Element Dark 80% 30% StatDown Defence 150% 10% 10%
Destroyer Sword All 130 Stat Attack 50% Element Thunder 30% 1x Status Stun 90% 10% 10%
Charge Self -- -- ---- -- 50% Stat Magic -- -- --
Notes: Charges to use Dark Ball.
Dark Ball All 60/3
Stat Attack 50% Element Dark 5%
-- Status Death 90%
10% 10%
Notes: The first line is for first three small hits, the second line is for final hit.
Requires and expends Charge.
Spawn Worm - -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- --
Notes: (Re)spawns Evil Worm and Evil Tail into slots 1 and 5, respectively.
Down Self -- -- ---- -- -- -- -- -- --
Notes: Digs self back underground to return to Submerged Form. Also clears self from Poison (if any) and uses Spawn Claws in the same turn.

Battle logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • Uses Spawn Claws during the intro animation.
  • Every 8th turn → Passively summons either of the following, with same chance for all: two Dark Clays into slots 1 and 5, two Skull Ghosts into slots 1 and 5, one Cosmic Monolith into slot 4, all level 30.

Submerged Form

  • Spent at least 9 turns (5 if did no Swap Element yet, intro excluded) in any form → Swap Element. Also resets this counter
  • Damage taken since last form swap has reached 1/15 of maximum health → Up
  • Spent at least 4 turns in current form → Spawn Claws. Also resets this counter
  • Otherwise...
    • Each orb present gives a chance for their corresponding attack to be used. The main one gives 3/6, and others give 1/6, all additive.
    • Red and white orbs give Eye Laser chance, yellow — Eye Thunder, cyan — Iceshard Volley, brown — Quake Spikes, black — Dark Scream.
      • White orbs were supposed to give Unused Heal chance, but the function that maps attacks to orb color refers to this orb type by an invalid ID, thus it is not assigned anything and defaults to Eye Laser chance.
    • Example: main orb is yellow, 2nd orb is red, and 3rd and 4th orbs are cyan. This results in 3/6 chance for Eye Thunder, 1/6 for Eye Laser and 2/6 for Iceshard Volley.


  • Counter for Swap Element persists through both forms; counter for Spawn Claws resets each Down.
  • Visual appearance changes when crossing the 68.5% and 38.5% HP marks.

Raised Form

  • Charged → Dark Ball
  • Spent at least 3 turns since last Up AND HP ≥23.5% → Down
  • Otherwise → Dark Eyes (1/5), Multi-Cannon (1/5), Dark Beam (1/5), Destroyer Sword (1/5), Charge (1/5).


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Akron's first form

Before attempting to take down Akron, ensure that all your equipment and skills are fully leveled up, you have completed all side quests, and your characters are fully healed with limit breaks ready.

Because this is the last battle, items such as Pizza can be used as much as the player wants to. Bring an absurd amount of all the healing items, especially Coffee, Garlic, Pineapple, Beer, Milk, Pizza and Watermelon.


Depending on which form you wish to start on, you should prepare differently. Good staples that work well with all forms (barring Dark, which is a pain no matter what set up you have) include the Berserker Soul Eater set up for Matt (Viking Helmet, Soul Eater, Genji Armor or any armor with desired elemental resistance), Dark Tooth and White Mage Dress for Natalie, and the Shadow Blaster and Soldier Helmet for Lance.


  • Soul Eater gives Matt 120% more Attack, so it is very much worth the defense drop.
  • Dark Tooth gives Natalie 90% more Magic Attack, making her healing moves fully restore health and offensive moves more potent.
  • The Dreamcatcher has less than half of Dark Tooth's Magic Attack bonus. However, it provides immunity to Dispel and has resistance to Syphon like Dark Tooth. It also has no stat decreases and provides a bonus to Magic Defense, making it viable for defensive strategies.
  • White Mage Dress randomly summons the Slime Bunny, casting Regen on the party. This is incredibly useful, making the White Mage Dress key to the player's survivability.
  • Soldier's Helmet provides resistance against Multi-Cannon, but it isn't the main reason you want it on Lance. The random Medipacks are very useful as they will restore health and cure status, healing the many status conditions inflicted during the fight or giving Matt an opportunity to rebuff himself.
  • The Mage Hat gives the biggest Magic Attack boost from a Male Hat in the game. It also provides useful resistance to Syphon and Death. Soldier's Helmet is more versatile, though if not using Berserker Matt, one can always give Matt the Soldier's Helmet and the Mage Hat to Lance.
  • The Rapturer can lower Akron's Magic Attack, weakening the majority of his moveset, and also grants immunity to Akron's beloved Dispel. Note that Akron can only be debuffed by 20%.
    • While the Rapturer also fares better against Dark Form Akron, the Shadow Blaster has more Magic Attack and resists Dark. Both are solid choices depending on the strategy.

Notes on Characters

  • All Bacon left (and all that you have acquired) should be Matt's. Natalie cannot use Attack (Meow Meow is the only physical move she gets and it ignores Attack), while Lance should be using Antimatter, Bullet Hell and Plasma Field.
  • MP is irrelevant for Berserker Matt, though his skills (especially his buffs and Cleaver) should still be maxed in case they are needed.
  • Focus remaining evasion food on one character, preferably Natalie.
  • Since the main theme elementally speaking among all of Akron's minions is Dark, dark resistant gear such as Pope's Hat and Officer's Coat are useful to help endure attacks.When you're ready, set aside at least half an hour for the battle (possibly more, especially on higher difficulties).

Fighting Akron

NOTE: Akron is not easy, and there is a good chance that you will be defeated by random statuses than your own failings. Do not expect to win immediately, and be willing to try again. Retreat until you are fighting the form you want.

Akron is unique among enemies and bosses in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (and to a lesser extent the series) in that he is able to freely switch between two forms and several elements throughout the fight. His current element can be identified by the color of the large gem on his abdomen.

Submerged Arkon specializes in Magical attacks while Raised Mode has some deadly Physical attacks. In total, Akron has 3 Physical attacks, all in Raised Mode, and all much more worrisome than his magical attacks. Seeing as his Rune Claws only has four physical attacks, two of which are dependent on Akron's Form, Barrier will be much more effective than Protect.

Also, the battle will end when he is defeated, even if other enemies are still on the field. This is unlike all other bosses, where every enemy needs to be defeated to end the battle.

Submerged Mode

The battle will begin with Akron summoning two Rune Claws. He will then select a random element and buff his Defence and Magic Defence. The Rune Claws will also sometimes buff their evade. In his first form, Akron can switch elements freely, which will change the colour of the gem on his abdomen accordingly. However, Akron will not switch elements very often and usually only once in Normal mode. Akron will use a variety of powerful elemental spells regardless of his element. That said, he is more likely to use an attack with the same element as his current form. All of his magical attacks are strong and can deal dangerous status (Dispel, Freeze, Berserk and Stun) but are not strong enough to kill a buffed party in one turn, even on Epic.

Raised Mode

Akron will eventually change into his "Raised" Mode once enough damage has been dealt to him, summoning an Evil Worm and an Evil Tail in the process. Akron cannot switch elements while in this form and does not use his elemental spells, so take this time to deal as much damage to him as possible. That said, Akron also unleashes his more powerful skills in this form, which are also the hardest to handle. He can use the stunning Destroyer Sword and the game-ending Multi-Cannon. Dark Ball can also be used after charging for a turn, and though it is not as strong as Multi-Cannon, it still can devastate your party.

Akron will eventually switch back to his Submerged Mode, and proceed to alternate between the two from time to time.


Main Articles: Rune Claw, Evil Worm, Evil Tail, Dark Clay, Cosmic Monolith, Skull Ghost

Rune Claws

The standard Rune Claw attack is a flurry of blows, which while strong is not much of an issue. Rune Claws can also heal their allies and buff their stats. After charging up for a turn the Rune Claws can also fire a powerful single-target beam which deals grievous damage and dispels the target.

Rune Claws use a skill that is the dependent on Akron's form. There are two attacks for each form, all but Vines are the same element as the form. All but Cataclysm and Hellfire are magical. As with Akron, the most annoying forms are Dark and Holy. The other forms also pose a threat, but nothing quite as bad. Look out for the berserking Hellfire in Fire Form and the freezing Frost in Ice form.

In Dark Form, Rune Claws are debuffing goliaths. With Haunt, they can cause a player's stats to drop by half, along with canceling out buffs. With a single hit Haunt debuffs a stat by 300%, meaning it will drop to -50% no matter what. Did I mention that Haunt hits five times in a row? Dark Flare deals a bit more damage, but hits only twice and only targets Magic Defence/Defence.

During Holy Form, Rune Claws are capable of massive healing. They can single-handedly restore a round's worth of damage with Megalixir, making them a serious issue. They can also fire off Shine, which is a bit worrisome as Soul Eater and Dark Tooth reduce Holy resistance, but it isn't much of an issue.

Evil Worm/Tail

The Evil Worm will deal poison and bomb damage, while the Evil Tail's attacks are mostly non-elemental, although it may attempt to cast instant-death.

As it takes damage, the Evil Worm will start using a "Blood Vomit" attack. It deals poison damage to the whole party and can inflict poison.

Generic Foes

As the battle continues, Akron may summon other enemies, such as Skull Ghosts, Dark Clays, and Cosmic Monoliths. However, he will always summon two Rune Claws (in slots two and four) if he is switching into his first form, or an Evil Worm (in slot one) and an Evil Tail (in slot five) if he is changing into his second, unless there is already an enemy in that position. If you think you can handle the current enemy - for example, a Cosmic Monolith kept under Syphon, or a Dark Clay - it would be beneficial to simply not kill it, preventing more troublesome enemies from appearing.

Akron's Forms

Fire Form

Ice Form

Thunder Form

Earth Form

Akron's Earth Form is not nearly as powerful as the other forms, but is also harder to reliably damage. Akron will strike with the super-accurate Quake Spikes, though Quake Spikes only have 85 base power and do not inflict status of any type. The Rune Claws will use the iconic Cataclysm, but they will not actually be as much of a threat as the other forms because of the lack of status. Cataclysm does have the highest power of any Rune Claw attack outside of Energy Sword and Lazor (which basically has 60 power over two turns) though. As such, Earth Form Akron is something of a stalemate - only Lance and whoever has Power Metal can deal super-effective damage, but Arkon has a remarkable amount of trouble killing you.

Earth Form Akron is weak to Wind and Bomb, so Lance is the only one who can reliably deal super-effective damage without using items or the special skill Power Metal.

Holy Form

Akron's Holy Form is a twisted, corrupt being so far removed from the element it attempts to wield that it cannot use it! Akron is most vulnerable to elements in this form, including a weakness to the mythical Soul Eater. However, Holy Form Akron is still fearsome, though this is more due to the powers of the Holy Form Rune Claw than its own might. Holy Rune Claws are capable of using an improved heal dubbed "Megalixir", which restores ludicrous amounts of health to all of its allies. They can also use Shine, but this is not that big an issue.

Instead of using Holy attacks, Holy Form uses Eye Laser. The barrage of fire attacks can berserk characters, which while not much of an issue for Matt, this can cause you to lose a turn of healing/buffing, leading to a game over.

Holy Form is the least elementally resistant Form. It is healed by Holy and the almost non-existent Water element, so basically it is just healed by Holy. Holy Form is weak to Dark and Poison, meaning that Toxic and Poison Gas can be used to eat away at his health. You are probably better off attacking with Dark though, seeing as Pulsar and Antimatter are boosted by Dark Tooth and Shadow Blaster respectively.

Holy Form is a great Form to start the fight with as the healing will not be negating what you have already done, and Holy Form is weak to Soul Eater.

Dark Form

Akron's Dark Form is the most dangerous thing to walk this earth since GodCat herself. Vulnerable to Holy and Thunder, but resilient against a multitude of elements, Dark Form is agonizingly difficult to damage. It resists the most powerful of weapons, Dark Tooth, Shadow Blaster, even the almighty Soul Eater. If this is how it starts, run and never stop. Dark Form is also outstanding offensively. Rune Claws adopt Haunt as an attack, and Arkon himself will pound you with Dispel in his Submerged Mode. Your Buffs will need constant reapplication, and you will be subject to many terrors at this Form's hand. That said, it is really only dangerous because it resists Soul Eater and will eliminate your debuffs. Akron will generally not kill out right because of damage in this form, though the debuffs will make him kill you.

Judgement, the Plasma line, and Seiken all work quite well against Dark Form Akron. Do not change Matt to a different weapon if you are already using Soul Eater though as Akron will still take damage and his minions will still be easily killed by Soul Eater. Fun fact: Soul Eater will still deal a little more damage against Dark Akron than Heaven's Gate.



You'll need luck in that Akron must begin with Holy Form, so he may be healed much more than you'd like. Works on Epic.

The trick is to have Matt get buffed Attack (from Temper or Beer), Regen in effect as much as possible, and Guardian/Barrier to boost your defenses. If Matt somehow loses Berserk (say from Medipack), buff his attack/lower Akron's defense and fire off Cleaver unless Akron is in Dark Form. This will shave off a lot of Akron's health.

With the given setup, Matt has around 750 attack at level 30 and about all the Bacon, meaning he can deal obscene amounts of damage when Berserked and Buffed. Since Soul Eater is Dark, this does even more damage against Holy Form, but is not as good against Dark Form. Since Soul Eater is 25% Dark, you won't need to worry about Dark Form being healed by'll just do less damage. The Auto-Counter is icing on the cake; with that in effect Matt will help clear away the minions (who are almost OHKOed on Epic, and obliterated on Easy/Normal). As a bonus, Soul Eater's debuffs are mitigated so much that Matt still gets a Defence boost and only loses 5% of his Magic Defense.

Natalie should be healing, applying Barrier/Regen, or flinging Pulsar (or whatever attack is best for the scenario). In Dark Mode try Thuderstorm.

Lance should get Guardian, and make good use of it. Antimatter also helps clear out minions.




Blizzard Strategy

If you equipped Matt with the Blizzard, repeatedly engage and flee from Akron until he appears with the Fire element.

Open with Crush or Dispel on Akron to remove his defence buff. Give a Beer to Matt and use Cleaver on Akron. After this, use Protect, Reflex, Barrier, Regen, and Healmore to keep the party healthy, while spamming Iceberg, Unload, and Double Shot to deal heavy damage to Akron.

As Matt will be your main attacker, ensure that he has Attack buffs and Guardian on at all times.

Whenever Akron switches elements, make sure Matt switches to a sword that corresponds to Akron's weakness. Lance may want to switch to Shadow Blaster after the initial assault to maximize his dark resistance. Natalie should keep her Pope set for the same reason.

For limit breaks, Matt should use Cleaver, and only when he has the correct weapon. Natalie's Kyun should always be used with all three party members alive. Lance should use Nuke against Akron's Ice form if the players all have strong Magic Defense buffs.

If you keep your buffs up, Akron's Evil Worms, and Evil Tails should not be a problem, and you can mostly ignore them. However, the Rune Claws can become a problem with their powerful non element beam attack and their healing abilities.


The main point of this setup is to resist Akron's most devastating status effects, notably, Death, Dispel, and Syphon. To do this, you'll need this gear:

Matt: Rune Blade/Swift Brand, Casual Shirt

Natalie: Dream Catcher, Cat Costume

Lance: Rapturer, Mage Hat

You'll notice there are several open gear slots. That's because the listed equipment is all that is necessary to resist Syphon, Dispel, and Death most optimally (though, keep in mind that Lance still only has a 50% resistance to Syphon and Death). This leaves Matt and Natalie with an open hat slot and Lance with an open armor slot, for whatever you would like.

Because this setup involves giving the Rune Blade to Matt, his physical power won't be very impressive. Instead, have him play a supporting role in this fight, primarily to use Protect, Reflex, and whatever bonus skills you may have given him. Because you gave him the Rune Blade, his magic attack power is somewhat boosted, making Power Metal somewhat viable for use. If a Cosmic Monolith shows up, boost his accuracy and see if you can Syphon it with Cleaver.

Natalie is somewhat of a supporter with her bevy of useful skills, but see if you can get her to go on the offensive whenever you're in optimal shape.

Lance is your main attacker. His moveset is surprisingly versatile against the majority of Akron's forms, and he can lower the attack or magic attack stat of any enemy, thanks to the Rapturer's weapon effect and Unleash effect (hint: weaken the Cosmic Monoliths, or cancel out Akron's charged up magic attack boost). Double shot may come in handy by giving two chances to lower Magic Attack. Unload will still be annoying to use.

Note: if you want more power and do not mind having to still deal with Instant Death (but not Doom), consider the Swift Brand.


In EBF3, Akron is the only non-player character to have in-battle text. He speaks once every few turns, and his lines are as follows:

  • "Ah, it is them who have awoken me. Let us see if they are worthy to stand before me."
  • "For billions of years I have lived. I have in my memory the early days of this planet. When Earth was but rock and fire. Before other life had even begun to evolve."
  • "Perhaps I existed long before even that, but I am unable to recollect further into history."
  • "I have lost all memory of the world from which I came."
  • "Countless times I have been weakened and enslaved. Yet ultimately I remain, while my enemies succumb to the flow of time."
  • "I witnessed species evolve and head into eternal extinction. I wonder how long Man will survive?"
  • "For aeons I have pondered the meaning of my existence. Alas, I am still unable to find my answer."
  • "All things must come to an end. Planets, stars, entire universes, even Gods. Perhaps my destiny is simply to be destroyed."
  • "And yet I am immortal. My freedom is my captivity. I shall not die."
  • "I delight at your power. Such incredible power."
  • "Perhaps Man does have a future on this planet. We shall see if He is above God himself."

Bullet Heaven 2

Akron returns in Bullet Heaven 2, once again as the main antagonist and final boss of the game. After his defeat in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, half of his body apparently vanished into nothing instead of creating an explosion of darkness. He appears at the end of Darkvoid Galaxy, in its central supermassive black hole.

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Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

Wave 6

Wave 7

Wave 8

Wave 9

Wave 10

Wave 11 (Bonus)

Wave 12 (Bonus)

Wave 13 (Bonus)


EBF3 Akron Satan
  • In EBF3's files, Akron is called "satan".
  • In EBF3, Akron's appearance changes as he takes damage; parts of his horns break off, a red-tinted halo appears over his head, the large gem on his abdomen begins cracking, and the bandages on his head come off, revealing his bright red eyes. Due to his size, the first two changes are difficult to spot in battle, only becoming easily visible during Akron's death animation and the final scene in the post-battle cutscene.
  • Akron is named after the dark lord in Rhapsody of Fire's lyrics. Visually, his design seem to take inspiration from Anima (Final Fantasy 10), Asura (Soul Eater), and some of the Homunculi (Full Metal Alchemist).
  • His battle theme, DiVINe MaDNEss, is an anagram of Sin Evades Mind. It is an obvious point to how we cannot fathom Akron's power yet, and how he is a demon probably made of sin. Divine Madness is also refers to Akron himself, as Akron is insane and is a divine being.
  • During the ending of the game, after Akron is slain, Lance can be seen using Hyper Beam against Akron, yet this skill becomes available to use only in EBF4. This is the third time it occurs.