"If you leave a mark on my pretty face, you'll regret it!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Anna is a playable character in the Epic Battle Fantasy series who hails from Greenwood Village. She made her first appearance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 as an NPC and Bullet Heaven as a playable character before becoming the protagonist of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Her default attire is a brown dress with a pair of golden bauble hairclips. She is always seen wielding a bow and arrow.


Anna is a cheerful girl, who enjoys nature and is seen petting a small Bush monster in her idle animations. Her meeting the party and suspecting them to have stolen an important artifact initiates the plot of the game. She is the driving force of the plot, dragging Matt, Natalie and Lance along on her quest to recover the jewels before they can be used for evil. She is easily the most moral and just character in the series. Her righteous nature puts her at odds with Matt's tendency to pilfer the houses of innocents, but since everyone else seems to be used to it, there is not much she can do to oppose him. Unlike Natalie, she is not depicted as a fan-service character and her breasts are relatively small. She often makes references to Natz's large breasts, asking her what she eats, whether she can see them, or even reacting spitefully to her, saying that she earns respect without needing a well-endowed chest to do so. She is often jealous of Natalie because the latter always steals the boys' attentions without even trying.


Anna is the ranger of the group, obviously giving her high accuracy and evade in battles. Her skills include multiple types of arrow attacks that rely on her attack stat and a few nature spells of poison, wind, and earth that rely on her magic attack stat. She also packs a few unique healing spells and can learn the shared skills Heal, Healmore and Revive.. It is recommended to increase her accuracy. Though her base accuracy is already adequate, improving it will almost guarantee she will never miss without significant accuracy debuffs. Increasing her base Evade is also a really good idea, making it so that she very rarely gets hit.

Anna can be built as a pure damage-dealer, but she has a learn-able healing skill which blesses the player at the same time and can learn Revive under her specials, which means that she can back up Natalie as a secondary healer for the group.



The Anna-like shopkeeper in EBF

  • When Anna falls in battle, her ghost does not hover above her body, unlike with the other characters. Instead, a wooden idol appears, possibly showing that the idol may be or contain her spirit.
    • Furthermore, Anna is the only character whose 'Protect' animation does not result in some sort of apparent magic, but rather a wooden idol, yet again showing that the idol may be or contain her spirit.
  • In her idle animations, she can be seen carrying a variety of bushes, and may also play a Flute or Ocarina as one of her idle animations, this is reference to Saria, from Ocarina of Time.
  • Anna bears a strong resemblance to the owner of the first shop in first Epic Battle Fantasy. However, as the shopkeeper has larger breasts and appears to be a mage instead of a ranger, it is unclear if the resemblance is coincidental or not.
  • According to Matt Roszak, the first drawing of the character who would become Anna was simply "an excuse for crazy hair". When the official artwork of EBF4's archer character was revealed, Roszak was still looking for names.
  • So far, an Anna-look-alike has made her way into every Epic Battle Fantasy game except for the second one. This is a reference to the Fire Emblem franchise, wherein a shopkeeper named Anna has appeared in every game, except for two.
  • Unlike Natalie, clicking on Anna's breasts don't makes them jiggle, even when equipping her with Cow Costume, that makes Anna's breasts as large as Natalie's.

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