Anna using Aqua Arrow on an Eyeball

"Watch out, you may get wet! And then you'll be weak against thunder and ice!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Aqua Arrow is an advanced Water-elemental skill available for Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Anna shoots an arrow that appears over the enemy's head in a bubble of water. The arrow then pops the bubble, splashing the foe for moderate physical damage (80% Water-based) and giving them the Wet status.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Aqua Arrow
Aqua Arrow Element Type
Advanced water attack. Wets the targets. 80% Element Water Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 50 7 60
2 80 10 150
3 110 14 450
4 150 18 1000
5 200 22 2500