Auto-revive (also known as Autolife) is a status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It was introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and appeared in every subsequent game. It is indicated by a white wing in EBF2 or a golden halo in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. Characters with Auto-revive status will be immediately resurrected upon dying.

Most common way to acquire this rather rare status effect is by casting Revive or Genesis on a living character instead of dead one. Some equips may also randomly provide their wearer with Auto-revive status at the beginning of each turn.

It is absent among foes with the exception of Spirits whose signature ability is to enter battle with Auto-revive status on them. Though Diamond Golem may cast Genesis when low on HP, its variant won't provide Auto-revive but Defend status instead.

Auto-revive is very useful when fighting powerful foes and most of the bosses, especially on higher difficulties, as even if they happened to kill a party member, Auto-revive will instantly bring them back to action, additionally retaining all buffs they had before dying.

Ways to acquire


  • Revive (on living target) - 5 turns duration
  • Genesis (on living target) - 5 turns duration


  • Equilibrium - randomly gives the player auto-revive status
  • Pope's Dress (EBF4 only) - randomly casts Revive between turns, 3 turns duration
  • Angel Pin - randomly gives the player auto-revive status, 1 turn duration

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