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  • Godcat will ambush you here. Just try to stay alive until she leaves.
  • Get the Thermal Boots from that Key Item chest, and cross the lava.
  • Afterwards, you can return to the previous lava caves, and use the boots to get to new areas.
    • Blood Bat #1: Three waves.
      • Wave #1: Five Blood Bats
      • Wave #2: Three Red Jellies and two Blood Bats
      • Wave #3: Three Blood Bats and two Flame Sprites
    • Obsidian Idol: Two waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Three Obsidian Idols and two Clay Idols
      • Wave #2: Two Obsidian Idols and two Drill Golems
    • Blood Bat #2: Three waves. (must be cleared to progress; guards Chest #3)
      • Wave #1: Three Blood Bats and two Fire Elementals
      • Wave #2: Two Obsidian Idols, two Black Clays, and one Rock Turtle
      • Wave #3: One Coal Bat, one Red Dragon, one Black Dragon, and one Blood Bat
    • Fire Elemental: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Three Obsidian Idols and two Fire Elementals
      • Wave #2: Two Flame Sprites, two Fire Elementals, and one Red Dragon
    • Secret #1 (in red bush): 1 Hamburger
    • Chest #1: 16 Amber, 12 Magma Sample, 20 Iron Ore
    • Chest #2: Cursed Charm (flair), 5 Solid Spike, 10 Curly Horn
    • Chest #3: 1 Thermal Boots, 10 Magma Sample, 4 Dragon Scales
    • Chest #4: 1 Ruby, 1 Dark Rune, 1 Donut

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