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  • You'll be visiting this screen a few times...
  • Come back when you have the ladder.
    • Big Veggie Slime: Two waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Two Veggie Slimes, two Furry Slimes, and one Big Veggie Slime
      • Wave #2: Two Veggie Slimes and two Big Veggie Slimes
    • Veggie Slime: Three waves. (must be cleared to progress)
      • Wave #1: Two Veggie Slimes, two Clay Idols, and one Green Clay
      • Wave #2: Three Clay Idols and two Wooden Idols
      • Wave #3: Two Veggie Slimes, two Green Clays, and one Big Veggie Slime
    • Secret #1 (big red flower): 1 Jungle Flower, 1 Pink Potion
    • Chest #1: 3 Bubble Stone, 9 Glass, 2 Jungle Flower
    • Chest #2: Bubble Badge (flair), 3 Bubble Stone, 7 Solid Water
    • Chest #3: Venom Badge (flair), 4 Bio Virus, 12 Cactus
    • Chest #4: 1 Gold Plate, 1 Dark Rune, 1 Honeycomb (requires Ladder)

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