Bamboo Trap

Bamboo Trap is a Poison-elemental special skill available for Matt and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


When cast, a bunch of sharpened bamboo sticks erupt beneath the target, piercing it multiple times. This skill deals five hits of moderate physical damage with a low chance to Poison the target. It also has higher accuracy than normal skills.

It is recommended to teach Bamboo Trap to Matt; it is considerably stronger than his Nettle, and Anna already has a mid-level Poison skill in Vines.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The chest containing Bamboo Trap is found in the south-eastern corner of Ashwood Forest.

EBF4 Skill Bamboo Trap
Bamboo Trap Element Type
May poison targets. High accuracy. Hits 5 times. 50% Element Poison Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 60 10 150
2 90 13 300
3 120 16 750
4 150 20 1500
5 180 24 3000

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