• Fluffy Bat
  • Coal Bat
  • Blood Bat
"I hope there's better things to eat around here than bats. But I shouldn't complain, they still taste better than what I usually eat."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Bats are a group of foes introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They are low-tier flying enemies encountered mainly during early stages of the game. Bats are quite comparable to Giant Insects and Birds.


Bats are a relatively weak foes, being somewhat stronger than Slimes and Idols, yet still not posing much of a threat. They typically have rather low amount of HP, but an above-average evade stat. Although, Bats are very susceptible to tired and stun status effects, which makes it very easy to get rid of said evade. Bats tend to use Wind-elemental attacks and, as a flying foe, are immune against those of Earth-element, however, they are in turn vulnerable to Wind and Thunder-elemental attacks. They are also weak against Poison-element, which is a common trait among animal-based foes.


Fluffy Bat

Fluffy Bats are brown and have thick fur covering their entire body. They also have pom-pom attached to there head which end in a ball of fur. They are encountered throughout Ashwood Forest and at earlier parts of Crystal Caverns.

Fluffy Bats are the weakest type of bats and in addition to bats' shared properties they are also vulnerable to Fire-element and a bunch of status effects, they will also automatically become tired after few turns of battle. Fluffy Bats only use Wind-elemental attacks.

Coal Bat

Coal Bats are black and don't seem to have a very thick fur, they have big yellow glowing eyes, which gives them quite unnatural appearance. They are encountered throughout Crystal Caverns.

Coal Bats are a Dark-themed foe, they gain a resistance against Dark-elemental attacks, as well as a weakness against Holy-elemental ones. They are quite different than their counterparts as they have no access to Wind-elemental attacks (their wing attack is non-elemental instead) and focus more on debuffing their adversaries (which makes them more alike Giant Insects). Coal Bats use Dark and non-elemental attacks.

Coal Bat is also one of available Summons.

Blood Bat

Blood Bats are encountered at later parts of Crystal Caverns.

Blood Bats are the strongest type of bats, having the highest HP and evade stats. In addition to bats' shared properties they are also vulnerable to Ice-element. Except of Wind-elemental attacks, Blood Bats may also bite their opponents, dealing Poison-elemental damage and draining target's life force in order to regain their own.

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