Berserk is a status effect introduced to the series in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is indicated by a flame symbol in EBF3 or a bulging vein in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Characters with Berserk status will attack uncontrollably with increased power.

Berserk's effect differs whether used on foes or player characters. Enemies under its effect are forced into using physical skills (and unable to cast any magical ones), however their power is increased. While player characters under its effect are limited to their boosted Normal Attack only, and they can no longer be controlled, instead they choose targets at random.

Depending on the target, Berserk may be seen either as a positive or a negative status effect. If afflicted target relies mostly on their magical skills (such as Natalie or Monoliths), then Berserk renders them nearly helpless. However, if the target uses mostly physical attacks (such as Matt or Brown Bears), then Berserk simply increases their strength and enables to deal more damage.

Some foes will self-inflict Berserk on them under certain situations:

  • Brown Bears and Undead Bears will go berserk after being hit by a powerful attack.
  • Tanuki Dogs may drink the contents of their bottle to give themselves Berserk status.
  • On harder difficulties, The Destroyer will go berserk after its vicious biting attack.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3


  • Berserk - 5-10 turns duration, can only be used on allies


  • Viking Helmet - Inflicts berserk status on the wearer
  • Flameheart - Unleash: Sends target into berserk status
  • Red Vulcan - Unleash: Magic which sends target into berserk status

Epic Battle Fantasy 4



  • Red Vulcan - May berserk targets
  • Viking Helmet - Randomly causes the player to go berserk

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