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EBF3 completed bestiary

The Bestiary is a recurring feature in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, making its first appearance in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. It holds records about all foes you have Scanned throughout the journey. Each entry consists of information about foe's elemental, status, and stats weaknesses and resistances, and a small description which may include enemy special abilities, used attacks, and a flavour text.

Bestiary can be accessed at any time by opening it from the respective game menu, and, in later installments, also by hovering over the question mark (?) icon which appears in the battle screen right next to every foe.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

It the first game featuring bestiary a total of 27 pages can be added onto it, which can be filled by using the Scanbot summon available to Natalie on different foes as they are encountered in the game. Due to this being its first appearance in the series, the Bestiary is somewhat unrefined; the enemies' pictures are little more than hasty scribbles, and players must manually scroll through the entries to find a specific file.

An in-game medal "Beast Master" can be awarded by scanning all 27 foes and completing the bestiary.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

See List of Foes in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

There are a total of 75 creatures in EBF3´s Bestiary, which are added to the compendium by being scanned by Lance. Compared to the previous game, the Bestiary has been substantially improved, with a full-screen profile for each enemy that shows their elemental weaknesses, resistances, and status immunities, along with general information on their combat capabilities.

A total of three medals can be awarded in-game by filling the Bestiary:

  • "Beast Tamer" - scan 25 different enemies
  • "Beast Hunter" - scan 50 different enemies
  • "Beast Scholar" - complete the Bestiary by scanning all 75 enemies

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • Bestiary of EBF 4 (Page 1)
  • Bestiary of EBF 4 (page 2)

See List of Foes in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

The fourth installment of the series features the largest and most comprehensive Bestiary yet, with 124 entries in the basic web-version, increasing up to 147 entries after the Battle Mountain update and Steam release of the game. The entries themselves have been updated into a more professional form, with a standard background and highly detailed information about each enemy, including:

  • Elemental weaknesses and resistances with exact percentages
  • Which status ailments are effective and ineffective against the enemy
  • Which stat debuffs are more or less effective on the enemy
  • Which items the enemy may drop on defeat, including the percent chance of them dropping each item.

The Glitch is the only foe with data readily given, however, the data cannot to be added to the bestiary.


  • In EBF2 and EBF3 Bestiary info autosaves, so even if you die after you scanned a boss, the boss information can still be seen in the Bestiary when you load the game. Even on other savings, so if you start a new game you will have all the bestiary info from the previous saves.
    • In EBF4 bestiary no longer saves automatically like medals do, but every save slot counts bestiary on its own.
  • In earlier version of EBF4 there was an empty slot between Evil Worm and Drill Bot, which was probably a bug caused by the Glitch occupying this slot even though it could not be scanned and its data could not be added into the bestiary.

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