Big Blast

Big Blast is an expert Bomb-elemental special skill available for Natalie and Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


When cast, Big Blast engulfs the opposing force in a large explosion and deals moderate Bomb-elemental damage to all foes. Compared to Air Strike, Big Blast is much weaker, but can hit all targets more reliably. Since a good amount of Lance's attacks are Bomb elemental anyway it is recommended Natalie learns this attack so she can cast Bomb magic herself.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Big Blast
Big Blast Element Type
Expert bomb magic. Targets all foes. May stagger targets. 100% Element Bomb Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 35 16 600
2 50 22 1200
3 65 28 2500
4 80 36 5000
EBF4 Skill Blast