"Immune to being inflicted with bad status effects, including death and dispel."
―Bless' hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Status Bless
Bless is a positive status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Its icon is a four-leaf clover. It serves as an "anti-status ailment" effect: a Blessed character is immune to be inflicted with "negative" status effects, including Dispel, Doom and Instant Death.
  • Bless does not clear already inflicted status effects, neither it can shield from their effects.
    • As an exception, Bless can negate Doom's Death effect.
  • It also doesn't affect self-induced statuses, such as Bone Armor's Curse or Legend's Tired.
  • Bless also blocks Wet and most instances of Berserk. The latter has two exceptions: the Berserk skill, which bypasses any resistances when used on a playable character, and all enemy skills that apply Berserk on the user, such as Tanuki Dog's alcoheal, for similar reason.
  • Blocking status infliction doesn't drain Bless' length.

Like most status effects, it vanishes after the battle, upon death (except if with Auto-Revive), or after a number of turns. As it cannot be Dispelled, the only way to get rid of it on a foe is to wait for it to wear off with time.

Bless is available to the players through the following skills and equipment:

  • Oak Staff (staff) may inflict the status on the user — up to 50% chance and 2x length.
  • Pink Flower (female hat) may inflict the status on the user — up to 50% chance and 1x length.
  • Clover Pin (flair) may inflict the status on the user — up to 40% chance and 1x length.

Enemy abilities that utilize Bless: