Element Bomb

Bomb is a recurring element in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It represents explosions and high-tech weaponry, such as guns, missiles, and (of course) bombs. It is usually effective against rock-based and mechanical foes, while being ineffective against certain fire and aquatic enemies.


The Bomb element is one of the more uncommon elements in the EBF series. In the first two games, the only Bomb-related attacks available to the players were Matt's Airstrike skill and the Bob-Omb/Hand Bomb item. On the enemy side, bomb attacks were similarly uncommon, with only a few high-level enemies having them.

When Lance became playable in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, he gained all of the party's Bomb-based skills. The Bomb element was widely considered to be the single best element in EBF3, as it was effective against numerous types of powerful enemies (including Clays, Golems, and the fearsome Monoliths) and only resisted by a few late-game creatures.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 saw a slight decline in the Bomb element's usefulness, as several enemies gained resistances to it (most notably Turtles and Jellies). However, the Bomb element was also much more accessible to the party, with all four players gaining bomb-based weapons and the introduction of a few new bomb-based skills. Bomb attacks usually have a chance to Stagger their targets.


  • Heavy Claw (gun): 50% Bomb
  • God Hand (gun): 50% Bomb (EBF 3)
  • Mini Bomber (gun)  : 50% Bomb (EBF 4)
  • Fusion sword (sword): 50% Bomb (EBF 4; Premium Content)
  • Wrecking rod (staff): 50% Bomb
  • Juggernaut (bow): 50% Bomb


Epic Battle Fantasy 3



Epic Battle Fantasy 4


  • Soldier Helmet: 10-50% resistance
  • Captain's Hat: 10-50% resistance
  • Pirate's Hat: 10-50% resistance


  • Army Jacket: 10-50% resistance
  • Camo Skirt: 10-50% resistance
  • Captain's Shirt: 10-50% resistance
  • Pirate's Dress 10-50% resistance




  • Protector: 100% Bomb


  • Defender
  • Valkyrie Tank
  • Protector
  • Fire Rune
  • Holy Rune
  • Thunder Rune
  • Rock Rune
  • Earth Elemental
  • Fire Elemental
  • Copper Fish
  • Steel Fish
  • Gold Fish

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