• Akron in EBF3
  • Wooly Mammoth in EBF4

The word "Boss" refers to a series of (usually) unique enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Often encountered at the end of an area or stage, they are powerful enemies with high HP and a variety of attacks and skills. Most bosses have a number of resistances and few weaknesses, as well as immunity to most status effects.

Although their forms vary, most bosses can be identified by a distinctive appearance, often being larger and more fearsome-looking than the other enemies in the area. Bosses also tend to have a unique theme that plays during their battle (final bosses distinguish themselves even further by having a theme that only plays in battle against them).

The bosses of the Epic Battle Fantasy series are rarely fought alone. Many can summon lesser enemies as backup, either normal enemies from the surrounding area or unique enemies exclusive to the boss battle. Some have individual parts that are considered separate enemies from the main boss - destroying these parts often weaken or strengthen the boss in some way. Finally, some bosses attack alongside other bosses - this type is usually seen near the end of their respective games.

The EBF series also features the "Miniboss" or "Mid-boss", a strong enemy encountered within an area. These enemies blur the line between bosses and standard foes, often being an entire species of enemy (such as GolemsDragons, and Monoliths). Sometimes, a boss enemy in one EBF game is "downgraded" to a miniboss or elite enemy in a subsequent game.

Epic Battle Fantasy

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Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Post-Patch additions

These bosses and minibosses were introduced to EBF4 following the Battle Mountain update. Enemies present on the Battle Mountain are only accessible in Steam release of the game or via Premium Pack.