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  • Cross the bridge and go left to progress.
  • Remember to look out for Eggs. There's a total of 7 in the Jungle, and they're needed for quests.
  • Come back when you have the ladder to make a shortcut, and find some other stuff.
    • Big Green Bush: Two waves. (guards Chests #1 and #2)
      • Wave #1: Two Heasys, two Green Bushes, and one Big Green Bush
      • Wave #2: Two Froses, two Big Green Bushes, and one Heasy
    • River Squid: Three waves. (must be cleared to progress)
      • Wave #1: Two Cat Soldiers, two Blue Jellies, and one River Squid
      • Wave #2: Three Wooden Idols
      • Wave #3: Two Yellow Jellies, two Blue Jellies, and one River Squid
    • Blue Dragon: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Two Blue Jellies and one Blue Dragon
      • Wave #2: Two Yellow Jellies, two Blue Dragons, and one Blue Jelly
    • Secret #1 (in southern edge of lake): 8 Tentacle, 4 Bubble Stone
    • Chest #1: Pirate Dress (female armor), Pirate Hat (female hat), 12 Gunpowder
    • Chest #2: 1 Honeycomb, 37 Bug Wing, 23 Gash Nut
    • Chest #3: 1 Orange Juice, 1 Candycane, 1 Lollipop (needs Ladder to reach)

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