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  • Cut down the trees to get through.
  • Go left to progress.
    • Tabby: Bring 3 Speckled Egg, 1 Ham, 1 Bacon
      • REWARD: Kitten Fort (summon)
    • Green Bush: Two waves. (guards Chest #1)
      • Wave #1: Three Green Bushes and two Florns
      • Wave #2: Two Wooden Idols, two Florns, and one Heasy
    • Horse Fort: Two Cat Soldiers and two Horse Forts (exclusive to the Premium Pack and Steam version; must be cleared to progress)
    • Cat Soldier: Three waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Three Cat Soldiers and two Red Wasps
      • Wave #2: Two Red Wasps, two Cat Soldiers, and one Black Wasp
      • Wave #3: Two Red Wasps, two Haunted Trees, and one Black Wasp
    • Big Green Bush: Three waves. (must be cleared to progress; guards Chest #3)
      • Wave #1: Two Cat Soldiers, two Green Bushes, and one Big Green Bush
      • Wave #2: Two Cat Soldiers, two Red Bushes, and one Haunted Tree
      • Wave #3: Three Green Bushes and two Big Green Bushes
    • Chest #1: 1 Sushi, 3 Cupcake, 4 Silk
    • Chest #2: Vortex Cannon (gun), 12 Steel Plate, 4 Plastic
    • Chest #3: 1 Topaz, 2 Amethyst, 3 Rainbow Gems

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