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  • Light the torches for light, and flick the switches to lower spikes and drop chests.
    • Undying Monolith: Two Frost Wraiths, two Undying Monoliths, and one Sacred Rune
    • Sacred Rune: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Three Sacred Runes and two Coal Bats
      • Wave #2: Two Sacred Runes, two Coal Bats, and one Undying Monolith
    • Chest #1: Bone Armor (male armor), 1 Silver Plate, 2 Silk
    • Chest #2: Bone Blade (sword), 2 Curly Horn, 1 Solid Spike
    • Chest #3: Dark Flare (skill), 4 Amber, 1 Ham
    • Chest #4: Demon Skull (male head), 3 Rainbow Gems, 1 Candycane

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