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  • Welcome to Graybone Cemetery! This area is totally optional, but the treasures and secrets here are certainly worth investigating.
  • Push the blocks to the "X"s to open the tomb. This requires the Hammer, since one block is obstructed by a boulder.
    • Haunted Tree: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Three Fluffy Bats and two Haunted Trees
      • Wave #2: Three Haunted Trees and two Evil Mushrooms
    • Secret #1: 6 Lanky Root, 1 Curly Horn
    • Chest #1: Golden Pentagram (flair), 1 Honeycomb, 2 Coffee
    • Chest #2: Quake Maker (gun), 14 Dirt Ball, 2 Beef (requires Copper Key)
    • Chest #3: Blood Blade (sword), 2 Concrete, 1 Sushi (requires Copper Key)

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