• Canti attacking with Gibson EB0
  • Canti attacking with Razorback

Canti attacking in Brawl Royale

"Canti hails from the epic animation FLCL by GAINAX, and wields his mighty 1961 Gibson EB-0 bass guitar. When he turns red he gains the power of Atomsk, a legendary space pirate capable of stealing entire star systems. He remains one of ma favourite cartoon characters of all time." - Matt Roszak about Canti

Canti is a summon avaliable for Natalie in Epic Battle Fantasy. It requires 120 MP to use. Summoning Canti will make him attack a random foe with his G*bson EB0 for massive physical damage, he will also sometimes use the Razorback instead, for even greater damage.

Canti also appears in Brawl Royale as penultimate enemy of the game, using his G*bson EB0 against Matt.

This character is a direct reference to Kanti from the FLCL anime and manga.


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