Cleaver's swing animation.

"The swordsman always has an ultimate multi-slash attack. That's me. I'm not going to be original here."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Cleaver is a recurring Limit Break in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It has been one of Matt's signature techniques ever since its debut in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 as his only Limit Break. In subsequent games, it has been the first Limit Break available to him.


When Cleaver is used, Matt raises his sword in the air, causing it to flash briefly. Then, he dashes in front of a foe and delivers five devastating slashes before jumping back to his original position. The strikes are so powerful that they leave jagged, red-lined trails in their wake, and each blow shakes the screen slightly.

Cleaver's slashes use the element of Matt's currently equipped weapon, and deal heavy damage with an elevated critical hit chance. Cleaver targets a single foe, but if the target is killed before the attack is complete, Matt will automatically move to another foe and continue attacking.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Cleaver is Matt's only Limit Break, and will automatically replace the Attack command once his Limit bar has been filled. Its power can be increased through the "Cleaver" Skill Bonus.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

EBF3 Skill Cleaver
Cleaver Element Type
Limit Break! Five powerful hits on a single target, targets a new foe if the target dies. High chance of critical hits. 50% Element Weapon Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 200 0 100
2 280 0 300
3 360 0 1000
4 440 0 3000
5 520 0 10000

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Cleaver
Cleaver Element Type
Limit break! Element and effects depend on current weapon. High critical hit rate. Hits 5 times. 50% Element Weapon Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 200 0 0
2 300 0 300
3 400 0 1000
4 510 0 3000
5 620 0 12000


  • When Matt uses Cleaver in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, he may say "Pierce the heavens!" or "Fight the power!" Both are references to the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann anime: the former is a recurring phrase in the show itself, while the latter is heard on several of the anime's songs.
  • Cleaver itself is a reference to Omnislash, a powerful Limit Break in the Final Fantasy series. This is lampshaded in Matt's quote above.