"So much for that nice weather forecast..."
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Cloudburst is a Water-elemental status-inflicting skill available for Natalie, Lance, and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


When Cloudburst is cast, a quick shower will cover the entire battle field, inflicting the Wet status effect to all units. Cloudburst does not deal any damage.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Cloudburst
Cloudburst Element Type
Wets all foes and allies. 100% Element Water ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 2 10 100
2 3 14 300
3 4 18 1000
4 5 22 3000
Note: The Power section shows the actual status duration of each skill level. The game will always show that Cloudburst has 0 base power, regardless of level.


  • Despite being a non-damaging skill, Cloudburst still has an elemental affiliation. Therefore, it is still capable of removing the Berserk status effect.
    • Due to this, Cloudburst is also the only elemental skill to have neither physical nor magical damage type.