Combo Shot

Anna using Combo Shot on a Wolf Dog.

Combo Shot is a weapon-elemental skill available for Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Anna loads and fires three arrows at once from her bow, striking the targeted enemy with flashes of white light.

Due to its high power, high status/debuff chance (for a multi-hit attack) and three attacks in one turn, Combo Shot is an useful skill for both damaging enemies and inflicting ailments onto them.

Dark Anna and Green Clay can also use Combo Shot.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Combo Shot
Combo Shot
Accurate and powerful attack. Element and effects depend on current weapon. Hits 3 times.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Single Stat Attack Element Weapon Element Weapon 120% 20% 10%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 79.2/3 (33%) (100%) 12 500
2 108.9/3 (39.6%) (100%) 16 1000
3 138.6/3 (46.2%) (100%) 22 2000
4 168.3/3 (56.1%) (100%) 28 4000
5 198/3 (66%) (100%) 36 8000
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