• Beach Crab
  • Cave Crab
Crabs are a recurring enemy class in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. They are large crustaceans resembling enormous hermit crabs, with large pincers, bloodshot eyes, and cone-shaped shells.

In battle, Crabs attack with their claws, shells, and various Water-based techniques. Many of their attacks involve burrowing underground to strike the players from below, and they can also retract into their shells to enhance their defenses. They are weak to Earth and resistant to Water, Fire and Wind.


Spiral Crab

A red crab with a spiky, sand-colored shell. Found in Rock Lake in EBF3 and on the northern edge of Goldenbrick Resort in EBF4; in the latter game, it was also renamed Beach Crab.

Spike Crab

A black crab with an angry expression and a smooth red shell. Found in Rock Lake (EBF3) and the Crystal Caverns (EBF4). It was renamed Cave Crab in the fourth game.


  • Digs under a player before stabbing them with its shell.
  • Burrows underground and casts Geyser on a player.
  • Crawls into its own shell, buffing its defence (gives self Defend status in EBF4).
  • Pinches a player with one of its claws.
  • Spits bubbles at one player.


  • Crabs are related to the Garden Snail enemy, which is effectively a weaker Crab without the pincers and with less magic attacks. The Crabs actually reuse the Snail's body and eyes, although it is harder to tell with the new shell and pincers.

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