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  • Welcome to Goldenbrick Resort! Fight the Sand Slimes to get an idea of some of the challenges here - Earth, Water, and Poison resistance will come in handy for the local enemies.
  • You can explore the town in whatever way you like. There's a lot of optional battles and treasures, but to progress the main plot, head towards the docks to your right.
    • Clegg: Bring 1 The Shovel.
      • REWARD: 1 Spiked Boots, 1 Ham
    • Sand Slime: Two waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Three Sand Slimes and two Furry Slimes
      • Wave #2: Three Sand Slimes and two Mad Cacti
    • Big Sand Slime: Two waves. (guards Chest #3)
      • Wave #1: Three Clay Idols and two Sand Slimes
      • Wave #2: Two Sand Slimes, two Mad Cacti, and one Big Sand Slime
    • Chest #1: 4 Coffee, 6 Garlic, 4 Milk
    • Chest #2: 47 Dirt Ball, 21 Seaweed, 11 Brick
    • Chest #3: 32 Dirt Ball, 1 Mercury, 31 Rainbow Gems

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