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  • You'll meet Matt when you first enter this area. After a brief (and amusing) confrontation, Anna will recruit him in her quest to find the Greenwood Jewel. Matt starts as a Level 2 character.
    • Fluffy Bat #1: Two waves must be defeated to progress further.
      • Wave 1: Two Fluffy Bats
      • Wave 2: Two Furry Slimes and two Fluffy Bats
    • Tanuki Dog: Two Tanuki Dogs and a Fluffy Bat (guards Chest #2)
    • Red Wasp: Two Red Wasps (guards Chest #3)
    • Fluffy Bat #2: Two Fluffy Bats and a Red Wasp (guards Chest #4)
    • Chest #1: 12 Brick, 2 Dirt Ball, 1 Iron Ore
    • Chest #2: 2 Kiwi, 1 Honeycomb, 1 Red Feather
    • Chest #3: Flame Badge (flair), 2 Beer
    • Chest #4: 2 Milk, 1 Coffee, 1 Muffin
    • Secret: 1 Bad Mushroom, 1 Red Feather
  • Go right to progress.

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