Item Dark Rune
"A mysterious artifact said to have fallen from the sky."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Dark Rune is a crafting item found in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. It is a black regular rock covered with red patterns used for forging mostly Dark-related equipment.

Other than as a crafting material, in EBF3 Dark Rune can also be used during battle to cast Doomsday, dealing massive Dark elemental damage to all foes. Player will be awarded with the "Doomsday" medal upon using it for the first time.

Dark Rune can be bought in The Town for 18000 gold in EBF3, and in Goldenbrick Resort for 20000 gold in EBF4.

Drop Rate

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4