Death status by annihilate

Death status inflicted by Annihilate

Death or Instant Death is a recurring status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It immediately kills its target, regardless of damage; a target killed this way will have the word "DEATH" appear above it, instead of a damage number. This is what separates the Death status from powerful attacks, which tend to kill their target through the application of ludicrous damage.

There are several attacks and skills that can inflict Death, but they usually have low chances of doing so. Some attacks have high chances of inflicting Death, but suffer from very low accuracy.

Almost all bosses are completely immune to Instant Death, and strong enemies tend to be immune or resistant. For players, some equipment may provide protection from Death, and some status effects may negate it (for instance, a character with the Morale boost in the fourth game will survive Death with 1 HP left if he or she was above half HP pre-Death).

Epic Battle Fantasy

There are no signs of "Instant Death" in the first game.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, Instant Death still did not truly exist. However, the Zombie Hydra had the ability to instantly kill the players with certain attacks. These moves are not "Instant Death", as they do not inflict the "DEATH" status, but they are functionally similar.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Instant Death was made more common in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, with several new skills introduced that can inflict it.

Some of the new Limit Breaks can inflict Instant Death. Most notable in this regard is Matt's Annihilate (which does little damage, but has a high chance of inflicting Instant Death), but Lance's Nuke and Natalie's Black Hole have small chances to inflict the status as well.

On the other hand, many foes can inflict Instant Death to the players through various attacks:

  • Ice Elementals and Viking Monoliths can drop a large ice spike on a player, dealing moderate ice damage with a small chance of inflicting Instant Death.
  • The Gunslinger has a powerful but inaccurate sniper cannon which may inflict Instant Death.
  • The Cosmic Monolith's Doomsday attack has a small chance of inflicting Instant Death, especially on higher difficulties.
  • Abyss's dark breath attacks gain a small chance to inflict Instant Death on higher difficulties. It can also cast Reaper, similar to EBF2's Zombie Hydra.
  • Akron's second form has a chance to inflict instant death with his two-turn dark orb attack. The Evil Tails he summons can also inflict Instant Death with the Death Spike skill.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Many of the previous Instant Death skills in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 return from previous games. Several weapons, such as the Chainsaw and Alchemy Set, have a chance to inflict instant death as well.

Skills that can inflict Instant Death (in-progress)

  • Ice Spike: used by Ice Wraiths, Viking Monoliths, and Ice Elementals. Randomly cast by the male Santa Hat.
  • Death Spike: used by Evil Tails, Undying Monoliths, and The Destroyer.
  • Reaper: used by Wraiths
  • Annihilate (LIMIT BREAK): used by Matt and the Praetorian.
  • Black Hole (LIMIT BREAK): used by Natalie or Lance.
  • Dark Natalie and Dark Lance's physical attacks

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