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"Oh crap, brace for...that." - Matt's reaction to a Cosmic Monolith casting Doomsday for the first time in EBF3.

Doomsday is a recurring spell in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. The signature move of the Cosmic Monolith, it uses Dark magic to devastate the field.

Doomsday cannot be learned by any of the playable characters, but there are usually alternate ways to access it. In Epic Battle Fantasy 3, it may be cast by using a Dark Rune, and in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, it can be used by summoning the Cosmic Monolith.


This move starts with a red beam cutting across the battlefield, leaving a thin red crack behind it. The crack glows red for a moment before releasing a cataclysmic eruption of dark power, inflicting massive Dark damage to everyone on the field.

In EBF3, the initial laser also damages the caster's opponents for a small amount of non-elemental damage.


Doomsday will heal anything with sufficient Dark resistance, including the Cosmic Monolith itself. Cosmic Monoliths tend to use this move on the first turn of the battle, recasting it every three turns. Doomsday may inflict instant death, especially on higher difficulty settings.

Due to its incredible damage output and chance of Instant Death, Doomsday is one of the toughest attacks to survive in the game. The best option is to give everyone Auto-Revive (preferably via Genesis), but raising Dark and Death resistance as high as possible can also increase the party's chances of survival.

In EBF4, Doomsday's power was slightly reduced, and its initial laser no longer inflicted damage. Interestingly, the Cosmic Monolith summon uses a modified version of its signature skill, simply flashing brightly before creating the dark explosion.


  • In EBF3, players will be awarded with the Doomsday medal when they use a Dark Rune during battle for the first time.
  • In EBF4, the Invaders from Space medal will be awarded upon using the Cosmic Monolith summon for the first time.

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