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This article is about the enemy class in EBF4. For other dragon enemies in the series, see Zombie HydraPyrohydra, and Zombie Dragon.

Dragons are an extremely powerful class of enemies that appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They appear as enormous reptilian monsters with long necks - in fact, the game only ever shows their heads and necks in battle.


Dragons replace Monoliths as the strongest non-boss foes in the game, using a combination of extremely powerful magic, strong physical attacks, and a roar which buffs themselves and their allies. Most dragons also have a powerful, party-wide attack.

All Dragons are resistant to Fire and Bomb elements, immune to death, and resistant to Stun, Freeze and Syphon.


Red Dragon

The first Dragon species encountered in the game, the spike-ridden Red Dragon is a strong opponent which uses powerful fire magic. A Red Dragon's roar can buff the Attack of all foes in the wave and give them Brave status. Its most dangerous attack is charging up fire in its maw before unleashing a massive fire beam, damaging all party members for heavy Fire damage. This attack may inflict Burn and reduce the party's defence.

Red Dragons are weak to Ice and Water, but resistant to Bomb and capable of absorbing the Fire element. The Bestiary identifies them as lava-dwelling creatures; as such, they mainly appear in the various Lava Caves of the world.

Black Dragon

Frightening in appearance and in battle power, the cave-dwelling Black Dragon uses powerful Dark magic. Its roar buffs the magic attack of itself and its allies. Its greatest attack focuses powerful dark energy into a massive mouth laser that can dispel the party and debuff players' HP by 20%. Black Dragons can also poison the party by revealing it's skeleton and putting highly toxic fumes on the left side.

Black Dragons have many resistances; they are only weak to Holy and Water and resist, nullify, or absorb everything else. They also have a high resistance to several status effects and a few stat debuffs.

Blue Dragon

The fearsome aquatic Blue Dragon uses powerful Water and Ice magic, and its roar buffs the magic defence of the entire enemy party. Its Water attacks can often wet the party, which it will capitalize on by following up with a barrage of ice spikes. Its most dangerous attack is a tsunami which deals massive Water damage and wets players.

Despite using the Ice element, Blue Dragons are also vulnerable to it, along with Poison and Thunder elements. On the other hand, they are resistant to Fire, Bomb, and Wind. They absorb Water attacks.

Brown Dragon

The desert-dwelling Brown Dragon is a tough opponent which uses powerful Earth and Poison attacks. Unlike other dragons, they focus more on physical attacks than magic; although they can vomit clouds of sand and poisonous goo, Brown Dragons prefer to attack with their jaws and tails. A Brown Dragon's roar can buff the defence of all its allies, including itself.

Brown Dragons are weak to Ice and Water but resistant to Fire, Bomb, Thunder and Wind. They absorb Earth and Poison.

Gold Dragon

The final Dragon encountered in the game, the Gold Dragon is a mighty beast which lives on the mountain housing the Temple of Godcat. It uses powerful Holy attacks, but unlike other Dragons, it supplements its brutal power with several support functions; a Gold Dragon can heal all foes in the wave and buff them with Regen and Bless. Offensively, it can cast deadly Holy spells, like Judgement, and its most dangerous attack gathers Holy energy in its mouth to unleash as a massive laser beam, damaging and dispelling the party.

Like Black Dragons, Gold Dragons have many resistances and few weaknesses; specifically, to Dark and Poison. Everything else is resisted at best, if not nullified or absorbed.


  • The Dragon enemy class is based on the Pyrohydra boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 3; the Red Dragon is a direct repurposing of Blaze, while the Black and Gold Dragons are recolors of Abyss and Czars, respectively.
    • The Pyrohydra itself is referenced by a late-game enemy wave consisting of a Red Dragon, a Gold Dragon, and a Black Dragon.
  • According to Matt Roszak, the Blue Dragon is partially based on a seahorse.
  • Other dragons appearing in the series include the Zombie Hydra boss from Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and the Zombie Dragon enemy from Epic Battle Fantasy 3.
  • It is unclear what other features Dragons have (a fact noted by Matt in-game), but the existence of the Dragon Claw implies that they have limbs.
  • The different types of EBF4 dragons make up the penultimate wave of the Battle Mountain's Monster Marathon.