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  • This is an optional area that you can enter from all sides.
  • Push that block for Chest #5 and shortcut.
    • Lava Turtle: Two Obsidian Idol and two Lava Turtle (guards Chest #1)
    • Red Jelly: Three Red Jelly
    • Flame Sprite: Two Flame Sprite and one Red Jelly (guards Chest #3)
    • Obsidian Idol: Two Obsidian Idol and two Flame Sprite (guards Chest #4)
    • Chest #1: 1 Cake, 1 Lollipop, 1 Candycane
    • Chest #2: Devil's Sunrise (sword), 33 Shuriken, 9 Silk (requires Thermal Boots)
    • Chest #3: 1 Donut, 2 Garlic, 1 Coffee
    • Chest #4: Bind (skill), 5 Microcontroller, 2 Blank CD
    • Chest #5: Coal Bat (pet), 2 Hand Bomb
    • Secret: 6 Magma Sample, 8 Gunpowder (requires Thermal Boots)
  • Come back here when you have the Thermal Boots, much later.

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