Earth is one of the recurring elements in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is mainly associated with rocks and the ground, but develops some connections with plants in later games.

Some earth-based moves occasionally have a chance to inflict Tired and Stagger.


Earth is a common element in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. On the players' side, Matt and Anna are generally the only ones who can learn Earth skills (barring shared skills). Earth tends to be effective against certain nature, thunder, and ice-based enemies; conversely, it is largely useless against flying and armored/robotic foes.

In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Earth attacks can inflict Stun, Tired, and Stagger effects. Most Earth-element attacks deal physical damage.



  • Tremor: 50% Earth.
  • Quake: 50% Earth.
  • Cataclysm: 50% Earth
  • Tera Drill/Giga Drill : 25% Earth
  • Oblivion: 75% Bomb/Earth (EBF3 only)
  • Log: 50% Earth
  • Lumber: 50% Earth
  • Mighty Oak (Limit Break): 50% Earth
  • Gaia Seed: 100% Earth
  • Gaia Bloom: 100% Earth
  • Gaia Blossom: 100% Earth
  • Sand Dune: 80% Earth


  • Wooly Mammoth: 50% Earth


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