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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Opening Title Screen

The opening title screen.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is the second game in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, the sequel to Epic Battle Fantasy. It is based primarily upon the two main characters, Matt and Natalie (referred to as Natz), and their quest to save the world against a new antagonist. It is followed by the second sequel, Epic Battle Fantasy 3.


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It's been a few months since the events of Epic Battle Fantasy. Although Matt and Natalie won, Goku's death caused a massive eruption of seismic and gamma rays, which are tearing the Earth apart. Monsters are mutating due to the extreme radiation, and survivors are struggling and arguing on how to rebuild their civilization. An ambitious man seizes the opportunity. He gathers an army of monsters and robots, and then tries to take over the world. Matt and Natalie must stop them, and that they do.

The fantasy begins with the pair recuperating within the Kitten Kingdom, however, due to the imminent need of their services, they are forced to hastily escape the Kingdom, which for some reason results in a short series of battles between them and the Kitten Kingdom's forces. They slash and blast their way through and stop at a hive full of oversized insects.

After that, they meet the Guardian. With his high-damage weapons and recovery system, he is quite possibly the ultimate weapon of the evil dictator. Wearily climbing out of that battle, a former rival sells them some valuable merchandise. Within the ruins of the factory they battled the Guardian in, they find an Ion Cannon, and drop onto an island of giant Galapogos tortoises and floating, giant jellyfish. They eventually find themselves dueling a golem that appears to be a mass fusion of Fire Bits and Ice Bits.

Their victory is awarded by an ambush comprised of giant worms. Upon defeating the worms, they stop to take a break and chow down on its remains (since getting through the desert kind of sucked). However, the giant worm's flesh and meat appears to be poisonous, and the heroes die, complete with a gag on swine flu. The game ends with a serious author's note: "Do not eat random bugs."

However, an Angel named Deus Ex Machina, conveniently descends from the heavens and revives them (and Matt gets a peek up her skirt). She replenishes them with her own inventory of items and lets them continue on their way. The two fight their way into a corpse-filled cavern and face two undead dragon heads, who can simultaneously revive each other and cast Death on the party. Not an easy battle, but at last, Matt and Natz arrive at victory. They proceed to invade the fortress of Lance, the true conspirator behind the game's events, and battle him inside of his super-powerful tank.


Much like its predecessor, the game progresses in a simple turn-based RPG style, with fight screens and different contextual backgrounds, while added cutscenes now advance the plot in between, revealing the story.

Some limitations still exist, such as the lack of map exploration, however the game does introduce several significantly new features. Though there is no leveling system, stat and skill bonuses can be chosen after successfully completing every wave of foes, which will award the characters with enhanced abilities. Two check points now occur throughout the game, where progress will be saved, and the player can play a minigame, another additional feature, to earn some extra cash before visiting the shop to replenish items. Several new items, such as Mystery Potions and Shurikens, are available for purchase. During a fight, damage to the players is accumulated in a red Limit bar which, when full, will turn the standard attack into a Limit Break. The mana indicator is now green instead of white. The player order can also be switched around.

Help and Options have been separated into their own menus.


  • Epic Battle Fantasy is sponsored by Armor Games.

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