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Misc Shop Prices

The miscellaneous shop

The following is a list of items in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Healing Items


Item Name Effect
Kiwi Heals for 300 HP.
Pumpkin Heals for 1,500 HP.
Coconut Heals for 5,000 HP.
Watermelon Heals for 10,000 HP.
Pineapple Heals every living party member for 3,000 HP.


Item Name Effect
Muffin Heals for 50 MP.
Icecream Heals for 200 MP.
Cupcake Heals for 500 MP.
Sundae Heals for 1,000 MP.


Item Name Effect
Coffee Revives a fallen ally.
Garlic Heals status defects.
Hamburger Fully heals a player.
Pizza Fully heals all players.


Item Name Effect
Softdrink Buffs accuracy.
Beer Buffs attack.
Milk Buffs magic attack.


Item Name Effect
Hand Bomb Deals bomb damage.
Stunner Stuns a foe.
Shuriken Deals dark and poison damage.
Bubble Stone Casts Bubbles.
Magmaball Casts Fire Rain.
Earthball Casts Rockslide.
Light Feather Casts Tornado.
Green Potion Casts The Dead.