The following is a walkthrough for Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

(This Page Is Under Construction; Please Do Not Edit Or Delete Without The Page Creator's Knowledge.)

Map Reference (Numbers =rows, Letters =columns) from top left to bottom right (From the start of the game to the end…).

·         G2-Spawn Point/Greenwood Jewel Shrine:

·         Start off with: 2x Kiwi, 1x Muffin, 1x Cherry, 3x Coffee, 2x Garlic, 1x Beef, 3x Ogle Berries, 1x Turnip, Old Boots (Key Item), Sky Feather (Bow), Fairy Bow (Bow), Yellow Bauble (Female Armour), Leaf Clip (Female Armour), Ranger Skirt (Female Armour), Green Dress (Female Armour), Friend Dog (Summon).

-Chest when all Braziers are lit with a Candle.


·         G1-Annas house:

-Chest behind Anna’s house.

Contains: 1x Lollipop, 3x Kiwi and 2x Cherry

-Mushrooms on the left of Anna’s house.

Contains: 2x Cherry and 1x Mushroom

-Drawer inside Anna’s House.

Contains: 1x Panties, 2x Coffee

-Table next to Drawer.

Contains: 1x Crisps

·         F1-Greenwood Equip Shop.

§  Shop sells: Viking Fur (Male Armour), Fur Dress (Female Armour), Mage Hat (Male Armour), Pink Flower (Female Armour), G*bson EBO (Sword), Road Sign (Staff), Super Snipe (Gun), Crimson Dragon (Bow), Green Cross (Flair), Broccoli Sticker (Flair).

-Chest in the narrow gap.

Contains: 1x Honeycomb and 2x Ogle Berries

-Chest hidden by tree trunk on the top left hand side.

Contains: Clover Pin (Flair) and 3x Turnip

-Chest blocked by skinny trees, Requires Cut.


·         F2-Lankyroot Jungle/Greenwood Village Entrance.

-Chest blocked by rugged boulders, Requires Rock Smash.


-Bucket at top centre.

Contains: 2x Dirt Ball

-Log stack to the left of the bacon/pig.

Contains: 1x Soft Wood and 3x Brick

v  Quests

-Cactussa Requires: 1x Jungle Flower and 5x Cactus


-Lemsip Requires: 1x Holy Water


o   Gifts

-Sam Gives: 1x Emerald

·         F3-Greenwood Food Shop.

-Pizza on table behind Food Shop, Requires Rock Smash.

-Tables: 1x Bacon, 1x Beef and 1x Chocolate Cornet.

v  Quests

-Isabel Requires: 2x Silk, 5x Wool, 3x Paper Talisman

-Gives: Shrine Maiden Dress…

-Moe Requires: 1x Bacon, 1x Speckled Egg and 1x Chocolate Cornet

-Gives: Pocket Clock Flair, 5 Springy Springs, 5 Chain Links

o   Gifts

-Julie Gives:

·         G3-Greenwood Item Shop.

-Drawer inside Item Shop.

-Contains: 1x Cake and 1x Donut

v  Quests

-Alphonse Requires: 2x Liquid Ice,  2x Magma Sample, 2x Glass

-Gives: Alchemist Bow

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