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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Title Screen

Title Screen of EBF4 (web version)

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is an adventure-RPG made by Matt Roszak. It is the fourth installment of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, featuring new areas, new enemies, new Medals, and a new playable character - Anna.


After their defeat of Akron, the party had to eventually resort to pillaging defenseless villages in order to survive. This is technically justified since the party saved the world, and therefore the villages they steal from are in their debt anyway, or at least that's what they tell themselves. In any case, when the crystal of Greenwood Village is stolen, Anna the Ranger suspects the party and sets out through Ashwood Forest in order to find them. Eventually, it becomes apparent that while the party did in fact steal from Greenwood, they were not responsible for the theft of the crystal.

The party then joins Anna on a quest to reclaim the crystal. Early on, they are challenged by the treant Mighty Oak, who joins the party (as Anna's Limit Break) after they prove their worth. Their path leads them through the Crystal Caverns. Inside, after defeating the Crystal Golem, the party is ambushed by a mysterious, glowing, cat-like figure. They barely survive the encounter, and learn in the nearby town of Whitefall about the legend of Godcat - a creator goddess who created the cats in her image and humans as their servants. The party suspects that someone is trying to steal the three crystals and revive Godcat, so she may purge the world of humans and restore the cats' reign over the Earth. This is confirmed when Whitefall's crystal is stolen. Clearly, by this point the quest is no longer merely a hunt for a thief but rather a race to save the entire world from destruction at the hands of its creator.

The party needs to go to Goldenbrick Resort in order to prevent the heist of the last crystal, but to do so they need a powerful hammer with which to smash the boulders blocking the road. They venture into the depths of Whitefall's Waste Disposal Plant in order to retrieve a hammer rumored to be inside, but soon find that a rogue A.I. has taken over the facility, and due to budget cuts the staff was unable to prevent it from hacking into the Plant's alarmingly large array of deadly weaponry and high-tech robots including the powerful Praetorian. After a grueling battle, the party defeats the robot (which Lance hacks into joining the party as a summon), finally obtain the hammer and continue on the path to Goldenbrick. Their progress is further impeded by the collapse of a bridge, forcing them to take the long route through Lankyroot Jungle. Before leaving the jungle, the party is once again met with opposition from Godcat (although a darker-looking one). The party is nearly killed but survives as Godcat is yet again unable to sustain a physical form. After destroying a dangerous carnivorous plant known as Rafflesia, blocking the way, the party rushes to Goldenbrick. Unfortunately, our heroes find that a group of cats has stolen Goldenbrick's crystal as well. The party chases the cats deep into the Temple of Godcat, where they witness the resurrection of Godcat. After a final climactic duel, Godcat expresses empathy for the party's bravery and recognizes the worth of the human race, deciding to spare this world and leave to create another one. The cats who stole the crystals in the first place were also honored for their bravery and lived in the stars with Godcat forever after. Then the party winds up back at Greenwood, where they celebrate and live happily ever after (until the next game?)...




Bushes Green Bush Dark Bush Red Bush Snow Bush Muddy Bush
Giant Bushes Big Green Bush Big Muddy Bush
Idols Wood Idol Obsidian Idol Ice Idol Clay Idol Gem Idol
Dogs Friend Dog Tanuki Dog Wolf Dog Mage Dog
Wasps Red Wasp Black Wasp Yellow Wasp Purple Wasp
Bats Coal Bat Fluffy Bat Blood Bat
Sprites Flame Sprite Ice Sprite Earth Sprite Thunder Sprite Wind Sprite
Turtles Lava Turtle Rock Turtle Glacier Turtle Leaf Turtle
Jellies Red Jelly Blue Jelly Yellow Jelly Green Jelly
Eye Monsters Eyeball Beholder (optional miniboss)
Wraiths Flame Wraith Frost Wraith Thunder Wraith
Birds Black Bird Thunder Bird Mage Bird
Bears Brown Bear Undead Bear Chimera Bear
Golems Earth Golem Ice Golem Drill Golem
Clays Blue Clay Red Clay Black Clay Green Clay Yellow Clay White Clay
Elementals Fire Elemental Ice Elemental Thunder Elemental Earth Elemental Wind Elemental
Eyes Frozen Eye Ancient Eye Angel Eye
Monoliths Viking Monolith Undead Monolith Ancient Monolith Sky Monolith
Shell Crawlers Cave Crab Snail Beach Crab
Trees Haunted Tree Evil Mushroom Mad Cactus
Bits Ice Bit Fire Bit Thunder Bit
Crystals Blue Crystal Red Crystal
Runes Sacred Rune Emerald Rune
Slimes Snow Slime Sludge Slime Green Slime Sand Slime
Giant Slimes Big Snow Slime Big Sludge Slime Big Green Slime Big Sand Slime
Slingers Gunslinger Swordslinger
Robots Drill Bot Defender
Turrets Laser Turret Dish Turret

Fridge Turret

Fish Copper Fish Steel Fish Gold Fish
Squid Toxic Squid River Squid
Flowers Florn Frose Heasy Stunflower
Dragons Red Dragon Black Dragon Blue Dragon Brown Dragon Gold Dragon
Other Evil Worm Evil Tail Spirit Cat Soldier
Bosses Mighty Oak Crystal Golem Praetorian Rafflesia

The Glitch (optional boss)


  • The Creator
  • The Destroyer



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