The Evil Worm's entry in EBF3's Bestiary

The Evil Worm is a powerful enemy introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is often associated with the Evil Tail enemy, but their exact relationship varies between games.


The Evil Worm is a large brown worm-like creature. Its skin is marred with bulging veins and boils, the largest of which bear twisted faces of their own. Its round, toothless mouth takes up its entire front. It appears with several grey, spiked chains binding its body, but most are broken off during its intro animation, leaving a few chains forming rings around its body. It also has a few black spines on its body, mainly visible when it attacks players.

The Evil Tail appears as a short, sausage-like chunk of flesh similar to the Evil Worm. However, it lacks a mouth and features a few jagged black spines dotted around its body. The largest two spines are on the tip of the tail, appearing to form a crude pincer.


Evil Worm

  • Headbutts a player for moderate physical damage.
  • Briefly swallows a player, dealing heavy physical damage and poisoning the target.
  • Regurgitates a large sword and slashes a player for heavy physical damage.
  • Regurgitates a cannon and shoots a player for moderate Bomb damage. May shoot twice, targeting random players.
  • Burps up a cloud of bubbles, hitting all players and debuffing their Defence.
  • Vomits on the party, hitting them all for moderate Poison damage and poisoning them.
  • Vomits blood and bones on the party, inflicting high Poison damage and poisoning them.
  • Summons an Evil Tail (EBF4 only). This does not take up its turn, and it will only summon one at a time.

Evil Tail

Note that all of the Evil Tail's attacks begin with it burrowing underground.

  • Bursts out of the ground in front of a player, inflicting moderate physical damage.
  • Stabs a player, dealing moderate physical damage and Stunning them.
  • Bursts out of the ground and does a mid-air somersault, hitting a player for moderate physical damage.
  • Releases numerous spikes from its side, hitting a player multiple times for minor physical damage.
  • Releases two large, skull-covered spikes from its side, inflicting heavy physical damage on a player with a chance of Instant Death. (EBF3 only)


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Evil Worms made their first appearance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3's final battle, where they were helpers of Akron. When the demonic entity switched to his second form, an Evil Worm would jump out of his mouth and join the fray, along with an Evil Tail. If the first and fifth enemy slots were already occupied, however, the Evil Worm and its tail would simply vanish after leaping from Akron's mouth.

A few Evil Worms and Evil Tails appear in the secret area of the Volcano, accessible only when the party has acquired all sixty Medals.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Evil Worms and Evil Tails appeared in Graybone Cemetery as some of the area's strongest enemies. Their appearance and abilities are largely the same as before, but their connection to Akron was removed, becoming a rare and especially foul species of burrowing cave-dweller. Interestingly, EBF4 also claimed that Evil Tails were not actually the tails of an Evil Worm, but rather chunks of its body that can act independently (similar to the relationship between the Crystal Golem and its Bits).


  • The Evil Worm and Evil Tail are based on the Sandworm and its tail from Epic Battle Fantasy 2.
  • During Akron's death sequence, three Evil Worms emerge from the ground after his second form disintegrates, quickly meeting the same fate as their apparent master. The implications of this are unclear, but given their similar designs, it may be meant to imply that Evil Worms are actually part of Akron himself.
  • The Evil Worm's entry in the EBF3 bestiary is marked with a thumbnail that is a recolored version of the Sandworm's overworld sprite. Consequently, the thumbnail shows the Evil Worm with teeth, when the worm itself is toothless.

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