"A giant floating eye! I think its weak spot must be... the eye! You're welcome for the tip."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Eyeball is a recurring enemy in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It appears as a floating creature with numerous jagged spikes/scales and a single massive eye on its front.

It is usually associated with the Beholder, but the exact relationship between the two is unclear.


Epic Battle Fantasy

In the original Epic Battle Fantasy, Eyeballs appeared in Waves 6 and 7, between the King Slime and Beholder bosses. Their colors varied between individuals, with some appearing red, others appearing black, and still others being brown-tinted.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

In EBF3, Eyeballs are mainly found in Rock Lake and Volcano Peak. They have brown bodies and yellow-brown scales. 

Eyeballs are vulnerable to Poison and Thunder, but resistant to Fire and Earth.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4's Eyeballs mainly appear near fire-based areas, such as the later sections of Ashwood Forest and within most of the Lava Caves. Their appearance is mostly unchanged from previous installments, but they are now black with red scales.

The Eyeball's weaknesses and resistances have changed significantly. It has lost its weakness to Poison, but now has weaknesses to Wind, Water, Holy, and Ice in addition to Thunder. On the other hand, it is now completely immune to Earth and Dark.

It has a chance to drop Dragon Scales (20%) and Solid Spikes (10%) upon defeat.

Adventure Story

Eyeballs mainly appear in the second world (the Desert). They fly through the air, moving towards Matt in short bursts in an attempt to tackle him.


  • Fires a small pulse of energy at a single target, dealing non-elemental damage
  • Sweeps the battlefield with a laser, damaging all players for moderate non-elemental damage
  • Tackles a player for low non-elemental damage

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