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  • Go onto the docks to get an important item.
  • Examine the sand cats for amusing dialogue (depending on the lead character).
  • Walk behind the windmill to reach the Coral Block.
    • Jan: Find 1 Old Boots.
      • REWARD: 1 The Shovel, 1 Lollipop
    • Beach Crab: Two Sand Slimes, two Beach Crabs, and one Cave Crab
    • Big Sand Slime: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Two Sand Slimes, two Beach Crabs, and one Big Sand Slime
      • Wave #2: Two Sand Slimes and one Big Sand Slime
    • Sand Worm: 1 Sand Worm, 1 Sand Tail (only appears as a battle that must be cleared if you own the Premium Pack or Steam version)
    • Secret #1 (coral): 9 Sea Shell, 3 Tentacle
    • Chest #1: 8 Magma Sample, 10 Fine Fur, 1 Lollipop
    • Chest #2: Cowboy Hat (male hat), 6 Silk, 2 Satin (requires Coral Key)

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