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  • Natalie will join your party and start out as a Level 6 character.
  • Keep an eye out for buckets of water, which contain Slime Bunnies.
  • You can preview the Crystal Caverns to the right, but you can't do anything in there yet.
  • Go north to progress.
  • QUEST: Bring 3 Lanky Roots, 6 Gash Nuts, 9 Ogle Berries
    • REWARD: Cat Ears (female head), 1 Bottled Darkness, 1 Cake
    • Black Wasp: Two Obsidian Idols and two Black Wasps (guards Chest #1)
    • Lava Turtle: Two Red Bushes and two Lava Turtles
    • Flame Wraith: Two waves. (must be cleared to progress)
      • Wave 1: Three Flame Wraiths
      • Wave 2: Two Red Bushes, two Flame Wraiths, and one Flame Sprite
    • Dark Bush: Two Dark Bushes, two Black Wasps, and one Furry Slime (guards Chest #2)
    • Chest #1: Cowboy Shirt (male armor), 9 Wool, 1 Garlic
    • Chest #2: 1 Honeycomb, 2 Kiwi, 1 Milk
    • Chest #3: 1 Sushi, 1 Pumpkin, 2 Muffin

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