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Farming is an unofficial term for the act of repeatedly killing certain monsters for gold, experience points, and/or items. It is generally a source of mixed opinions from players, who are often divided between the ability to gradually acquire extra boosts to their party's power/equipment and the time-consuming, repetitive nature of the act.

Farming became relevant to the Epic Battle Fantasy series after the release of the third game, which introduced RPG elements and the ability to fight certain enemy groups repeatedly. It became more prevalent (or encouraged) in the fourth game, as the Bestiary now listed the items that could be dropped by various monsters, as well as the chances of them being dropped.

Farming Opportunities in EBF4

Stat items

Lollipop (2%) - Big Bush

Candy cane (2%) - Big Snow/Sand Slime

Ham (2%) - Chimera Bear

Sushi (1%) - Crabs

Honeycomb (1%) - Red/Yellow wasp 

Donut (1%) - Wraiths

Cake (1%) - Fire/Ice/Thunder elemental 

Beef (1%) - Evil Tail/Evil Worm 

Chili Sauce - Fire Elemental (1%), Red Dragon (3%)

Crafting Items

Chain Link - Gold Fish (40%)

Ruby - Red Dragon (100%)

Mythril Shards - Ice Golem (10%), Blue Dragon (5%), Viking Monolith (5%)

Bottled Darkness - Wraiths (5%), Black Dragon (100%)

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