All Flairs available to wear in EBF4

Flairs are a type of equipment introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They appear as a variety of small trinkets and badges worn over the character's clothing. Unlike other equips up to 3 Flairs can be equipped simultaneously by each party member.

There are currently 36 Flairs, 32 of which are available in the basic web version of Epic Battle Fantasy 4. The Premium Pack and the Steam release of EBF4 feature all of them.

Common Traits

  • Flairs can be upgraded twice in the Forge, maxing out at Level 3.
  • Flairs are very specialized; most only give one specified bonus.
  • Most Flairs only give one or two stat bonuses and elemental and status effects resistances.
  • Forging Flairs requires either just one or two different items.


All Flairs can be categorized into specific groups based on their similar properties.

Element Resistant

This group of 10 Flairs give the wearer resistance to a certain element and status effect associated with it. Each Flair resists different element. All resistances % on each level are exactly the same for every flair.

Flair's name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Flame Badge Fire 20%, Burn 40%
Found in Ashwood Forest
Fire 35%, Burn 70%
6 Magma Sample
Fire 50%, Burn 100%
8 Magma Sample, 2 Ruby
Lightning Badge Thunder 20%, Stun 40%
Waste Disposal Plant
Thunder 35%, Stun 70%
Plasma Ball
Thunder 50%, Stun 100%
Plasma Ball, Topaz
Frost Badge Ice 20%, Freeze 40%
Crystal Caverns
Ice 35%, Freeze 70%
10 Solid Water
Ice 50%, Freeze 100%
10 Solid Water, 5 Bubble Stone
Rock Badge Earth 20%, Tired 40%
Ashwood Forest
Earth 35%, Tired 70%
4 Dirt Ball, Geode
Earth 50%, Tired 100%
6 Dirt Ball, 5 Geode
Venom Badge Poison 20%, Poison 40%
Lankyroot Jungle
Poison 35%, Poison 70%
12 Cactus
Poison 50%, Poison 100%
10 Bio Virus, 12 Cactus
Air Badge Wind 20%, Syphon 40%
Temple of Godcat
Wind 35%, Syphon 70%
2 Amethyst, 2 Rainbow Gems
Wind 50%, Syphon 100%
6 Amethyst, 2 Rainbow Gems
Bubble Badge Water 20%, Wet 40%
Lankyroot Jungle
Water 35%, Wet 70%
10 Liquid Ice
Water 50%, Wet 100%
10 Liquid Ice, 5 Bubble Stone
Iron Cross Bomb 20%, Stagger 40%
Waste Disposal Plant
Bomb 35%, Stagger 70%
10 Iron Ore, 5 Steel Plate
Bomb 50%, Stagger 100%
10 Iron Ore, 10 Steel Plate,
3 Silver Plate
Silver Cross Dark 20%, Curse 40%
Whitefall Town
Dark 35%, Curse 70%
2 Silver Plate
Dark 50%, Curse 100%
6 Silver Plate
Golden Pentagram Holy 20%, Weak 40%
Graybone Cemetery
Holy 35%, Weak 70%
Gold Plate, Bottled Darkness
Holy 50%, Weak 100%
2 Gold Plate, Bottled Darkness

Status Giving

These 4 Flairs randomly give the wearer a beneficial status effect at the start of each turn. Forging them into higher levels enables this ability to occur more frequently.

Flair's name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
The Tr*force Randomly gives morale status to the player
Dispel 40%
Temple of Godcat
Dispel 70%
Gold Plate
Dispel 100%
3 Gold Plate
Angel Pin Randomly gives the player auto-revive status
Holy 10%
Lankyroot Jungle
Holy 20%
Silver Plate, 2 Silk
Holy 30%
8 Silk, 8 Talisman
Green Cross Randomly regenerates the player
no stats/resistances no stats/resistances
2 Silver Plate
no stats/resistances
Emerald, 4 Silver Plate
Clover Pin Randomly blesses the player
no stats/resistances
Greenwood Village
no stats/resistances
no stats/resistances
2 Emerald, Geode

Status Replacing

The 6 Flairs in this group imbue the wearer's weapon with a certain status effect, replacing any existing status effect the weapon may cause on contact with a foe. Other on-hit effects (such as reducing the target's stats or draining HP/MP) are unaffected but Flair will still work enabling both effects to take place. These Flairs are best used in advanced strategies, such as enabling a weapon to inflict a certain status effect to an enemy that resists the element of the skills normally associated with the status effect.

Flair's name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Broccoli Sticker Replaces weapon status effect with poison
Poison(element) 10% Poison 20%
5 Turnip, 5 Seaweed
Poison 30%
10 Bio Virus
Peace Sticker Replaces weapon status effect with weaken
Curse 10%, Weak 10%
Tired 10%
Curse 20%, Weak 20%
Tired 20%
8 Talisman
Curse 30%, Weak 30%
Tired 30%
40 Talisman
Cursed Charm Replaces weapon status effect with curse
Dark 10%
Lankyroot Jungle
Dark 20%
2 Curly Horn, Bottled Darkness
Dark 30%
4 Solid Spike, 2 Bottled Darkness
Fr*ezie Badge Replaces weapon status effect with freeze
Ice 10%
Whitefall Town
Ice 20%
6 Solid Water
Ice 30%
12 Solid Water, 12 Liquid Ice
Crossbone Pin Replaces weapon status effect with doom
Death & Doom 10%
Graybone Cemetery
Death & Doom 20%
2 Silver Plate
Death & Doom 30%
3 Silver Plate, 2 Bottled Darkness
Diamond Pin Replaces weapon status effect with stagger
Bomb 10%
Waste Disposal Plant
Bomb 20%
Silver Plate, 4 Steel Plate
Bomb 30%
4 Silver Plate, 4 Steel Plate

Stat Buffing

This smallest group of only 2 flairs will buff one of wearer's stats whenever hit by a powerful attack. They also offer a small boost to the character's stats by default and slightly increase resistances.

Flair's name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Bowling Ball Badge Buffs defence when hit by a powerful attack
Wind 10% Wind 20%, Defence 5%
2 Plastic, 2 Concrete
Wind 30%, Defence 10%
8 Plastic, 10 Concrete
Ancient Rune Buffs magic defence when hit by a powerful attack
Fire 10%
Temple of Godcat
Fire 20%, Magic Defence 5%
8 Talisman, 3 Concrete
Fire 30%, Magic Defence 10%
Dark Rune, 3 Concrete


These 5 Flairs randomly cast a certain skill or summon at the start of each turn. Forging them into higher levels enables this ability to occur more frequently.

Flair's name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
P*chu Sticker Randomly casts Thunderbolt between turns
Thunder 10% Thunder 20%
Thunder 30%
2 Plasma Ball
Clown Fish Sticker Randomly casts Geyser between turns
Water 10%
Goldenbrick Resort
Water 20%
5 Tentacle, 5 Seaweed
Water 30%
12 Tentacle, 12 Sea Shell, 7 Bubble Stone
Beast Badge Randomly casts Quake between turns
Earth 10%
Goldenbrick Resort
Earth 20%
5 Dirt Ball, 5 Brick, Geode
Earth 30%
6 Brick, 6 Concrete, 3 Geode
Pocket Clock Randomly casts Slow Down between turns
Stun 10%
Greenwood Village
Stun 20%
10 Springy Spring
Stun 30%
10 Springy Spring, 5 7-Segment Display,
5 Plastic
Cat Badge Randomly casts NoLegs between turns
Wet 10%
Ashwood Forest
Wet 20%
4 Silk
Wet 30%
10 Silk, 5 Fine Fur

Stat Boosting

This group of 9 Flairs each increase one of wearer's stats, with the exception of Balance Badge which increases 4 stats at the same time. Last 4 of those flairs can not be found in free web version as they are exclusive to Premium content and full PC release of the game.

Flair's name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Heart Pin HP 5%
Lankyroot Jungle
HP 10%
5 Red Feather, 2 Dragon Scales
HP 15%
4 Dragon Scales, 2 Ruby
Potion Badge MP 10%
Greenwood Village
MP 15%
3 Magma Sample, 3 Liquid Ice
MP 25%
5 Pink Potion
Target Badge Accuracy 10% Accuracy 15%
3 Plastic
Accuracy 25%
10 Plastic
Ghost Sticker Evasion 5%
Crystal Caverns
Evasion 10%
2 Bottled Darkness
Evasion 15%
5 Bottled Darkness
Balance Badge Attack 5%
Magic Attack 5%
Defence 5%
Magic Defence 5%
Temple of Godcat
Attack 5%
Magic Attack 5%
Defence 10%
Magic Defence 10%
Silver Plate, Bottled Darkness
Attack 10%
Magic Attack 10%
Defence 10%
Magic Defence 10%
3 Silver Plate, 3 Bottled Darkness
Sword Medal Attack 10%
Battle Mountain
Attack 20%
Silver Plate, Gold Plate
Attack 30%
3 Silver Plate, 3 Gold Plate
Shield Medal Defence 10%
Battle Mountain
Defence 20%
Silver Plate, Gold Plate
Defence 30%
3 Silver Plate, 3 Gold Plate
Gold Star Magic Attack 10%
Battle Mountain
Magic Attack 20%
Gold Plate, 5 Rainbow Gems
Magic Attack 30%
4 Gold Plate
Platinum Star Magic Defence 10%
Battle Mountain
Magic Defence 20%
2 Silver Plate, 5 Rainbow Gems
Magic Defence 30%
10 Silver Plate


  • The Tr*force Flair is a direct reference to the Triforce, the legendary magical artifact from the The Legend of Zelda series.
  • The P*chu Sticker references Pichu of Pokémon fame, as well as the Pichu summon from the original Epic Battle Fantasy.
  • The Silver Cross resembles the necklace of Misato Katsuragi, a character from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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