Statistics Growth

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Each time a character levels up, the following are recalculated:

  • HP: new HP = base HP * 1.15^(new level)
  • MP: new MP = base MP * 1.10^(new level)
  • Attack/Magic Attack: new Att = base Att * 1.13^(new level)
  • Defence/Magic Defence: new Def = base Def * 1.11^(new level)
  • Accuracy/Evade: (old Acc + 0.2) * (base Acc) * (new level / 7)
  • Experience required for the next level: 50 * 1.39^(new level)

The stat is rounded down if the result is a decimal (ie, 43.76 will become 43). Base stats are the initial stats characters have at the beginning of the game, at level 0.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Note: These equations were determined from the change from level 47-48. Of these equations, MP, Eva, and Acc are least likely to be correct. The others appear to be correct. The experience formula was determined using enemies with the lowest EXP that you can get in the game.

  • HP: new HP = old HP * 1.15
  • MP: new MP = old MP * (1+ (new level/1000) - new level*.02
  • Attack/Magic Attack: new Atk = old Atk * 1.13
  • Defence/Magic Defence: new Def = old Def * 1.11
  • Accuracy/Evade: new Acc = old Acc * 1.08
  • Experience required for the next level: 90 * 1.39^(current level)

The stat is rounded down if the result is a decimal (ie, 43.76 will become 43). Base stats are the initial stats characters have at level 1.

The experience required was determined with Anna's first level up (9 x 14 EXP from the first enemies), which is 126 EXP. The choice of the number 90 in the formula was made, because 91 would give exactly 126 EXP, which is impossible, because there is a little amount of EXP on the next level bar and it's not 89 because the EXP would be a little more. This can be seen when you compare the EXP bar of Anna LVL2 with the one of Matt LVL2, 1 EXP should be the difference if you get to about 3/4 full EXP bar). Also the old "new level" variable is probably replaced with the "current level" because the starting level for players is not 0 but 1. (Assuming this makes the formula correct and further testing on higher EXP seems to work too)

Since foes' stats are determined by level as well, their stats also used growth formulas asl; however, in the case of foes, the following formulae are used.:

  • HP (Level 0-32): New HP = Base HP * 1.18^(foe level)
  • HP (Level 33+): New HP = Base HP * 1.18^32 * 1.1456^(foe level-32)
  • Defense/Magic Defense: New Def = Base Def * 1.02^(foe level)
  • Evade: New Evade = Base Evade * 1.08^(foe level)
  • EXP Provided: Base EXP * 1.2^(foe level)
  • Gold Provided: Base Gold * 1.17^(foe level)
  • AP Provided: Base AP * 1.14^(foe level)


To put it simply, damage dealt is equal to the used skill's power multiplied by user's attack (or magic attack) stat and divided by target's defence (or magic defence) stat, further modified by target's elemental resistance (or weakness), as well as a random factor.

Basic formula:

  • damage dealt = (skill power * Attack stat / Defence stat) * elemental resistance modifier * random factor

Full formula (when player character is the attacker):

  • Damage = [(Power * [base Att * (100%+Food bonus) * (100%+Equipment modifier) * (100%+Att Buffs)] / [base Def * (100%+Def Buffs)]) * skill's elemental % * elemental resistance + (Power * [base Att * (100%+Food bonus) * (100%+Equipment modifier) * (100%+Att Buffs)] / [base Def * (100%+Def Buffs)]) * 100%-skill's elemental %] * 100%+random factor

Determining stats

In case of player characters, the total amount of a statistic they have at the moment can be expressed by this equation:

  • Total stat = base stat * (100%+Food bonus) * (100%+Equipment modifier) * (100%+In-battle buffs)

All bonuses of the same type are cumulative, while bonuses of different types are multiplicative, e.g. using two equipment parts that both increase Attack by 50% increases character's Attack up to base*(100%+50%+50%) = base*(200%); while using a single equipment part that with 50% boost and buffing Attack by 50% increases character's Attack up to base*(100%+50%)*(100%+50%) = base*(225%).

When checking character status in the overworld it automatically displays character's statistics with food and equipment bonus included. When checking status in battle, it also automatically includes any changes made by currently active buffs.

In case of foes, food and equipment bonuses are omitted, and their stat is simply the base amount multiplied by in-battle buffs. However, foes' Attack and Magic Attack are hidden from the player, only Defence and Magic Defence can be seen.


(possibly outdated or unconfirmed info) Some skills do not use any stats, these two formulas are applied to such:

  • Attack Power = skill power * level * 5
  • Attack Power = skill power * level * 3

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