Frozen wraith

A frozen foe

Freeze is a negative status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is generally caused by Ice-based attacks and alchemy weapons. It can be identified by the target being encased in ice, and (in Epic Battle Fantasy 4) by a blue crystal over the victim's head, accompanied by a number indicating how many turns the condition will last.

For most of the series, Freeze-inducing attacks have been exclusive to enemies, mainly ice-based ones like the Glacier Eater and the Viking Monolith. However, in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, the players can inflict Freeze with certain skills and weapons.


Like Stun, Freeze renders the affected target immobile, forcing them to skip their turns and take double damage from all attacks. Targets are more vulnerable to Freeze if they have the Wet status effect.

Cures and Defences

Apart from the standard items and abilities that cure all status ailments, Freeze is removed when the affected player is attacked, or regains HP or MP.  As Natalie points out in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, the Regen status effect is a very effective countermeasure to Freeze, as it heals the player each turn.

Some equipment and weapons also confer Freeze resistance, such as the Viking Fur, the Flameheart and the Ice Shards.

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