Gaia Blossom

Gaia Blossom is an expert Earth-elemental special skill available for Natalie and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Gaia Blossom is an attack that starts by showing the picture of the attack Gaia Seed, which is needed to obtain this attack, but more fancy. It then implodes on itself and shows a green flash of light, which then attacks the enemies.

Dark Anna, Earth Golem, Heasy, Mighty Oak and Rainbow Rafflesia can also use Gaia Blossom.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Gaia Blossom
Gaia Blossom
Expert earth magic. Targets all foes. May make the targets tired.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
All Stat Magic 100% Element Earth Status Tired 100% 10% 10%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 50 50% 4x 16 1500
2 65 60% 4x 24 3000
3 80 70% 4x 32 6000
EBF4 Skill Gaia Bloom