• Giant Green Slime
  • Giant Blue Slime
  • Giant Red Slime

Giant Slimes or Big Slimes are a recurring enemy class in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.

Possibly formed from smaller Slimes, the Giant Slime is all that they are and more. Giants can cast spells of their element, have more health, deal more damage and have a specialized power. Giants look like a massive blob of colored ooze, topped off with at rocky ridge,bones and a dead slime, a dead tree, snow and ice or a tangle off plants. Each slime is surrounded by three smaller blobs. It is unknown how or why they are there as they do not do anything and are separate from the whole. Like Slimes, Giants have elemental strengths and weaknesses. They heal from their type and take extra damage from opposing ones. In common with their smaller counterparts, the giant red slimes are immune to magic, which makes them a much tougher to handle. However, all giant slimes are weak to the Doom status ailment, therefore items with that property can be useful, especially against the hard to kill Red Slime.


A giant slime's basic attack consists off hurling itself at a foe. However this ram is seldom used. Instead a giant favours powerful spells of their element. Each type has it's own special ability. Other than that and increased stats they are fought much like a common slime.


Big Veggie Slime/Giant Green Slime

Appears in: Epic Battle Fantasy 3, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Giant Blue Slime

Appears in: Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Giant Red Slime

Appears in: Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Big Snow Slime

Appears in: Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Adventure Story

Big Sand Slime

Appears in: Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Big Sludge Slime

Appears in: Epic Battle Fantasy 4


  • Giant Easter Blue Slime body
  • Giant Halloween Green Slime body
  • Giant Christmas Red Slime body
  • Big Christmas Snow Slime body

In EBF3, there are 9 unused Giant Slime bodies, which are seasonal variations of existent three Slimes for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. The decorations of a season stay identical on all Slimes, the only difference is the color of the Slime itself. The Easter version of Giant Blue Slime and the Halloween version of Giant Green Slime stand out due to unique body colors: the former is white instead of the Slime's normal blue/cyan color, and the latter is orange instead of green.

In EBF4, these two bodies are still present, but only one is used — a distorted version of the pumpkin Slime appears as one of The Glitch's idle sprites. Christmas decorations were slightly altered and used for Big Snow Slime's December version.


  • Although no internal organs can be seen giants can clearly be seen exhaling when using some abilities.
  • It is possible that a giant is made of Slimes by way of reverse mitosis. This theory is supported by the fact that the more complex Slimes (Yellow, Furry, and Blue to some extend) with their own abilities do not have a giant version.