Giant Squid

The Giant Squid is one of the bosses encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. Fought at the end of Rock Lake, it is implied to be one of the peaceful denizens of the nearby ocean driven to violence by Akron's power. It also reappears in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 as one of the summons available to the player.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3


(Attacks used by his tentacles are marked with a star*)

  • Regenerates its tentacles, reviving and/or fully healing them. This also buffs the giant squid.
  • Summons random backup (note that even after the boss is dead, any backup will remain).
  • Activates a rain attack that heals the enemies while damaging your team.
  • Spits oil at all players, decreasing their accuracy as well as dealing some dark elemental damage.
  • Multiple strikes at one player*.
  • A poisonous strike, poisoning the target*.
  • A charged, powerful strike. Deals a large amount of damage to one player, as well as being able to stun the target*.
  • Activates a random water magic*.


Water Resistance is extremely useful, which the Captain Hat and Pirate Gear gives you. The Gas Mask is also handy, as it increases resistance to poison and stun, which the Squid Arms use frequently.





The Giant Squid fights with Water and Dark elemental attacks, but mainly relies on its tentacles, which act as separate enemies, to deal physical damage and inflict status effects. It is weak to Thunder and Ice, but resistant to Water and Fire, and like most bosses it cannot be affected by Stun, Berserk, and Death.

Thunder elemental skills and weapons are recommended for the Squid. Increasing Matt's attack, then using Cleaver with the Dragon Killer, should make high damage. Poisoning also works well, as the Giant Squid is one of the few bosses not immune to poison. Try to focus on the Squid because he is the main threat here, and killing his arms will only make them come back.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


The Giant Squid returns, but it is now one of the summons available to the player and may be summoned during battle to help the party. It is found in Lankyroot Jungle. Giant Squid costs 42 SP, has 100 power, and deals water elemental magic damage to all foes and wets them afterwards.


Main article - Squids

While Giant Squid itself does not directly appear as an enemy, two new foes based of its design can be encountered: River Squid which inherits its Water-related abilities and Toxic Squid which sports its Dark and Poisonous properties. Their tentacles are now integral part of the enemy and do not appear as a separate foe.


  • Strangely, the Squid Arms are capable of fighting even after the Giant Squid has been defeated.
  • The Giant Squid returns in the cutscenes after completing Rock Lake, where it crashes the players's beach party by catching the beach ball Natalie threw at Matt. It proceeds to try and drown the boys by pulling them underwater with its tentacles, while using another tentacle to try and remove Natalie's bikini top. It is also seen in the ending cutscene, joining the players, NoLegsMeow Meow,  and the Tundra Mammoth in celebrating the defeat of Akron.
  • It is unclear if the Giant Squid seen in the cutscenes is the previously defeated boss or a new individual of the same species. When the Giant Squid is defeated in battle, it clearly shows "X" eyes (usually symbolizing death), and both the medal for defeating it and Matt's post-battle comments imply that the party cut it up for food.

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