Giga drill

Giga Drill hitting a Garden Snail

"Pierce the heavens with your drill!"
―Kamina, Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Giga Drill (also known as Tera Drill) is an Earth-elemental special skill available for Matt and Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4.


Upon casting, a huge drill erupts beneath the target, making a loud creak, and dealing massive Earth physical damage.

Unlike other skills, Giga Drill's damage increases if the target has its Defence and/or Magic Defence buffed, and also doubles if the target has the Defend status effect. Thanks to this, the skill proves very useful against enemies that tend to buff their and their allies' defences, including some bosses. Inversely, Giga Drill deals less damage if the target is suffering from a debuff in Defence and/or Magic Defence, possibly dealing zero damage in EBF4, or even healing the target in EBF3.

Drill Golem and Dark Matt are also capable of using Giga Drill.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Tera Drill is unlocked by completing a quest in Kitten Kingdom Ruins for Kamina.

EBF3 Skill Tera Drill
Tera Drill Element Type
Attack that does more damage if the foe has buffed defence or magic defence, or especially both. High critical hit rate. 25% Element Earth Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 60 18 1000
2 100 24 3000
3 140 30 9000

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Tera Drill has been renamed Giga Drill. The skill received a few changes: Defending doubles its strength, however it no longer has an increased critical hit chance.

EBF4 Skill Giga Drill
Giga Drill Element Type
Does more damage if the target has buffed defence or magic defence, or is defending. 25% Element Earth Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 60 12 300
2 90 18 1000
3 120 24 3000
4 150 30 9000


  • Giga Drill is a reference to Giga Drill Break from animé Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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