Godcat first appears in her Light form at the end of the Crystal Caverns, a short distance away from where the party battled the Crystal Golem. Unlike most battles in the game, she has no on-screen sprite, instead triggering an automatic battle when players step on a certain tile of the overworld. This battle cannot be fled.

Godcat's damage, health and evade are all very high; her attacks will almost certainly kill their targets, and she is nearly impossible to hit, let alone damage. Fortunately, all of her attacks target one player at a time, and players only need to survive two rounds against her. On the third round, Godcat will disappear, leaving a pair of Blue Crystals to fight in her place - unlike their master, the Crystals can be defeated.

Godcat appears again in the Lava Cave within Lankyroot Jungle. She has the same stats as before but appears in her Dark form. Once again, the battle is an unfleeable ambush, and players must simply survive Godcat's attacks until she disappears and summons a pair of Red Crystals for them to defeat.

Final Battle

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Final Boss Guide Godcat, Creator and Destroyer

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Final Boss Guide Godcat, Creator and Destroyer

Guide to the Godcat battle, on Normal difficulty

The final battle against Godcat occurs in the final screen of the Temple of Godcat. This time, players will have to contend with both forms at once in a seven-wave battle. It's highly recommended that you obtain all the Battle Mountain equipment and stat items first.

Wave 1

During the first part of the battle, players will be confronted by both Light and Dark Godcat. They are unchanged from their previous appearances, using powerful single-target attacks of their respective elements (Holy and Dark). Unlike the previous encounters, the attacks should no longer one-hit kill your party members if they have the proper equips, resistances, and buffs. Unfortunately, the two Godcats are still nigh-indestructible, with massive HP and a 600-point Evade bonus - the point of the encounter is merely to endure until they both back off.

Instead of attacking, use the opportunity to cast beneficial spells on your party members - Protect, Barrier, Temper, Charm, etc. You'll also want to change your gear around (if you didn't do so before the fight), preferably to maximize your resistances to Holy, Syphon, and Ice - It is highly advisable to equip Holy-resistant gear (preferrably at 100%, minimum 50% for the highest survival possibility) and Dark-elemental weaponry, as it provides the best setup against your first true enemy.

On their third turn, Dark Godcat will fly away and Light Godcat will sink into the ground, ending the wave.

Wave 2

Moments after the Godcats disappear, you'll be thrown into battle against the Creator: a massive golden vehicle armed with a large cannon and piloted by the Light Godcat. It will also summon a pair of Blue Crystals and two Blades of Heaven. If all of her backup is destroyed, the Creator can resummon them at the beginning of her turn, along with a host of other enemy options: Frozen and Holy Eyes, Ancient and Viking Monoliths, and Mage Dogs. If the enemy spawns become overwhelming, use Limit Breaks like Ragnarok or Oblivion, or summons like the Cosmic Monolith or the Protector.

Absolute zero

The Creator casts Absolute Zero

The Creator's physical attacks consist of large spears on chains, shot out from her mecha or the ground. She is also armed with Bomb-element cannon blasts, Thunder-based orbs, and a multi-target version of Iceberg. The Creator's deadliest attack is a powerful Holy laser. She will signal her readiness to use it by charging up, casting Guardian on herself in the process. It should be noted that this buff cannot be dispelled - you have to debuff her instead. On the next turn, the laser is fired, dealing massive Holy-based damage with a chance to Syphon. This attack is best countered by Holy-resistant gear, the Barrier spell, and the Defend command.

On harder difficulties, the Creator may use the Absolute Zero Limit Break when at low health.

Having an 80% weakness to Water, The Creator is particularly vulnerable to skills such as Flood, Bubbles, Water Arrow and Tsunami. The Weaken status effect is also really good at wittling down her offensive stats, because she cannot buff her attack stats, only her defensive stats. Dispel and Crush are a must on higher difficulties, but are still a gamble because of its 30% resistance to dispel.

The Sapphire Giant, Aquamarine and Coral Staff all boost the power of Water skills. Matt can use Cleaver with the Sapphire Giant, and if you're lucky can cast Flood after Cleaver ends, doing a 6th hit that dishes out insane damage.

Talisman Seal and the Dreamcatcher staff can lower its Magic Attack, which can make the fight a lot easier on Epic Difficulty.

Wave 3

After the Creator falls, the two Godcats will return and attack the players for a few turns, pontificating about the futility of their struggle and the planet's impending destruction. Once again, players should use the opportunity to heal, buff themselves, and swap to darkness-resistant gear and Holy weaponry, in preparation for the next wave. Water and Ice skills such as Flood, Ice Shard and Glacier will be very effective, as they can dispel the berserk status while also providing crowd control for the red crystals and the blades of hell.

After a few turns of their normal, high-powered attacks, the Godcats will split up once more, with Light Godcat flying away and Dark Godcat sinking into the ground.

Wave 4

Unsurprisingly, the fourth wave is very similar to the second, but with flipped elements. Your main target is the Destroyer, a twisted mass of flesh, veins, and fangs concealed within a giant skull and piloted by Dark Godcat. It spawns with two Blades of Hell and a pair of Red Crystals. If its initial minions fall, the Destroyer can spawn Flame Wraiths, Spark Wraiths, and Black Wasps, in addition to its Crystals and Blades. Once again, multi-target Limit Breaks are helpful for controlling the lesser enemy spawns, but your primary focus should be on the Destroyer.

Screenshot from 2013-08-28 12 50 51

The Destroyer casts Supernova

The Destroyer attacks single targets with spear-tipped tentacles, and can hit the entire party with Bones (Dark damage) and Eruption (Fire damage). It can also bite everyone for heavy Physical damage. Unlike the Creator, the Destroyer lacks a massive charged attack, but compensates with heavy amounts of status effects: a Fire attack that inflicts Burn, a Dark attack that inflicts Doom, a wave of cat skeletons that Poison everyone, and so on. Whoever has the Purify ability should be ready to cast it before the effects become overwhelming. The trick is to play its own game of "Who can kill who faster?" Holy Sword, Judgement, Genesis and Cleaver with the Heavens Gate sword are the best skills against The Destroyer. Use skills that can syphon the weaker enemies to stop heals and buffs. Focus the Blades of Hell if they become a nuisance. Use Dispel, Crush and Holy Fire if buffs become a concern. Water and Ice skills can dispel the Beserk status when it first attacks, so use a water skill to keep it from dishing out extra damage. Ancient Monolith is a lifesaver against Supernova assuming that your party has 30% or more fire resistance. Although not often, beware if it does the one attack that summons undead kittens, because it's base power is surprisingly high and has a high chance of inflicting poison. Debilitate, Fire Spin (Deluxe Edition) Beholder Summon can lower its physical defence to set up for Holy Sword and Cleaver. Screamer and Evil Worm Summon can lower its Magic Defence to set up for Judgement and Genesis. Kyun is good overall, for curing poison and giving out buffs. (And then some =3)

On harder difficulties, the Destroyer may use the Supernova Limit Break at low health. It also casts Berserk on itself after using its bite attack.

Wave 5

If the Destroyer is beaten, the Godcats return for another copy of the first and third waves. As usual, ignore the cats and focus on healing and restoring your buffs, but be careful of Black Godcats Sacrifice if you lack Death resistance on one or more of the characters. Don't worry too much about changing your gear, although removing any weaknesses to Holy would be a good idea.

This time, both Godcats will sink into the ground after a few turns. Take a deep breath, because the hardest part of the battle is about to begin.

Wave 6

The penultimate wave of the final battle brings in both the Creator and the Destroyer, each with one of their respective Blades. They can also spawn the same creatures as before, but no more than two can be active at any given time. Their attacks and abilities are otherwise unchanged, other than the fact that both are being fought simultaneously.

It is generally advisable to target the Destroyer first - not only does this let you save a turn on gear switching in the previous wave, but the Destroyer's ability to inflict numerous status ailments arguably makes it more dangerous than its Holy counterpart. When the Destroyer is dealt with, switch to Dark weaponry and Holy-resistant gear to take down the Creator. Assuming you have taken out the Destroyer first, just be aware of Ice, Thunder and Bomb elemental attacks, and Freeze, Stun and Stagger status effects. Switch to equips that give you resistances to those and the rest of the fight should be smooth sailing.

Final Wave

Yet again, the two Godcats will return to the field after the destruction of their battle forms. However, they will not attack on their turns, instead commenting about humans' superiority to cats and floating away. Essentially, beating Wave 6 ends the battle in your favor, so you can simply pass your remaining turns and wait for the ending.

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