Notice: The current info on this page is based off of EBF5 Alpha version, v0.8. It is not final and may differ in a later release of the game.
Golden Axe
"An ancient and sacred weapon."
―Description, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Golden Axe is a thunder-elemental sword available for Matt in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Its design is a remake of the Gaia Axe from Epic Battle Fantasy 3.


The Golden Axe is a duel headed axe. As the name suggests, the axes blade heads are gold, they also have a marking on them. The handle of the Golden Axe is brown with a golden pattern going down it. The top of the handle has a spike that separates both heads of the axe, and the pommel is also a spike.


  • Golden Axe is likely a reference to a certain weapon of the Golden Axe game series, given their similar shape and name.